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This week I would like to introduce a new Artfire Featured artist. Shiny Adornment. I met the owner of Shiny Adornments Kristy from She is one of my favorite plurk buddies. I love chatting with her during the day very funny and pleasant person. I have taken the time to visit Kristy's Artfire studio and was in love with many of her pieces in her studio and just had to feature her so everyone can see why I think her shop was worth featuring.

Here is Krissy's interview about her business ShinyAdornments.

What is your name and your business?

Kristy, ShinyAdornments

Where in the world are you located? Country/ State?
Wichita, KS USA

Your website/blog/shop

Simply Shiny Blog
Etsy Shop
Artfire Studio:

Artisan Wood & Silver Hoop Earrings

Handmade Artisan Sterling silver dark wood hoop earrings. Lovely deep dark wood rondelles accented with sterling beads are found on the handmade sterling silver hoops.

Each hammered sterling hoop is wrapped in sterling silver wire. The hoops are medium size at about 1 1/4 inches (3 cm) in diameter. Hoops have been filed and tumbled for comfort.

Briefly describe yourself and what you make. Who or what inspires you?:

ShinyAdornments is artisan gemstone and silver jewelry. I like to create. I find inspiration in the wildflowers I drove past this morning on the way to work or the suit I just bought that needs the perfect accessory or the strange dream I had last night. I have an odd sense of humor, and sometimes I like to incorporate that into my designs too :-)

I make jewelry I would wear myself. I prefer silver and gold filled wire to plated, and I occasionally use copper and brass. The materials depend on my mood and inspiration. I create jewelry pieces with gemstones and silver, but have recently started more metal work. I tend to incorporate high quality gemstone, lampwork, (usually made by a self representing lampwork artist), glass and polymer clay beads into my jewelry. My goal is to create wearable items for work and play.

I belong to SRAJD, Self Representing Artists and Jewelry Designers, Member #1084.

I’m a corporate geek by day and a jewelry designer by night. Somewhat left of center, more than a little goofy and just a bit more than a little bit opinionated. Just ask my friends.

Handmade Purple Amethyst Lampwork Bracelet

Handmade purple amethyst and floral lampwork sterling silver wire wrapped bracelet - Fragrance of forgiveness

"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. "
Mark Twain

Lovely violet purple natural amethyst nuggets and donuts accompanied by some really pretty lampwork beads from a self representing lampwork artist. The lampwork and amethyst beads are all wrapped up in lots of sterling silver wire. The clasp is accented by purple lepidolite beads.

How did you learn?

I’m mostly self taught, although I had the good fortune to attend a silver smithing class earlier this year. I’ve got a bunch of really great online designer friends that I have bugged with lots of how to questions as well.

Handmade Green Boro Lampwork Wire Wrapped Bracelet - Jennifer

Handmade green lampwork Boro bead sterling silver wire wrapped bracelet

Artisan wire wrapped bracelet made of SRA GORGEOUS blue and green boro lampwork beads from Firelily, aventurine nuggets and rounds and lots and lots of sterling silver wire.

What is your craft ”philosophy”?

Create what you love. I like jewelry that makes a statement. I also love color. I like pieces that have heft and texture best. Or mix light and dark elements. Or both.

Fondest craft-related memory?

My great great grandmother taught me how to use a tatting shuttle. She’s no longer with us, and I keep that little shuttle in my work space to remind me of her.

Handmade Green Pink Unakite Bangle Bracelet - Hayley

Handmade Pink Green Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Unakite Bracelet Bangle

Preppy Jewelry
Several sizes of pink and green unakite beads and chips are wrapped to the sterling base with sterling silver wire. And, so you don't have to worry about trying to slip this over your hand, I've crafted a sterling silver clasp for ease of wear.

Michelle: I have to say this is one of my favorite pieces.

Have you always made things and if so, how long?

It seems like I’ve always enjoyed making stuff. My interests are varied, and I’ve spent time knitting, sewing, home remodeling, making stained glass, and painting.

Do you do your craft full time or partime?

This is a part time endeavor for me.

What are your other interests when you are not crafting?

Generally, I am juggling the demands of an extremely busy corporate day job and my family. My son likes to ‘help’ as much as he can in choosing materials for projects. He’s also got a table set up in my work space so he can color or paint or make play doh creations while I am busy putting pieces together.

Handmade Pearl Ring - Shara

Handmade Pearl Cocktail Ring - handcrafted jewellery of Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pearls in a Floral design

Shimmery white cultured fresh water and swarovski pearls form a floral style ring.

The large white Swarovski pearl is accompanied by dozens of small round white pearls. Each is hand wrapped with sterling silver wire to the sterling silver wire ring base.

How do you deal with crafty mistakes?

You’ve seen my rejects pile, haven’t you? LOL Now that I’m torching, ‘officially’, there really aren’t any mistakes, as I can always use a bead or stone in another project AND I can melt silver mistakes into other usable things. I make a LOT of ‘other usable things”

Do you have a designated craft space and if so, what does it mean to you?

I do. You can see images of it on my blog here

Those of you with small children will know how much I appreciate having a completely separate area in which to work. Plus it has FABULOUS light. I love it.

Any advice you may want to add to someone who has started or is thinking about start a craft and selling?

1.If you want to sell online, find a like minded group of individuals who will help you and answer your questions.

2.Learn to take better photos.
3.Only make what you love

I want to thank Kristy for taking the time to answer the interview questions. I really do appreciate it. I had such a hard time deciding which photo to use as all of the pieces were just exquisite. It was very difficult. From the looks of these piece, it looks like she has put in a lot of hard work with a lot of creativity to create each and everyone of her pieces. Her studio is an asset to Artfire and Etsy.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Shiny Adornments and take some time to go visit any of her shops and blogs. You will not be disappointed.

All photos that were used with expressed permission by Shiny Adornments


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