My Trip To Florida

Well my husband and I just recently made a weekend trip to Sunny Florida to see family and to attend my husband's cousin Eddy's wedding. We normally don't take long distance trips such as this often so we were due for a little R & R. We both work really hard and we needed some time away for a bit. And yes this is my very first visit to Florida. We left on Friday November 20 and returned Sunday November 22 so a short trip.

I am not much for flying so being that we recently made some trips to Vegas in 2004 & 2005 made this trip for me a little easier. We flew out of Dulles/Washington Airport on Friday with Jetblue. I really enjoyed my flight and it took away a lot of my fears for flying. The pilots were very friendly and what I loved best if all they had Directv on board so I can kick back and watch what I wanted and not watch a movie that I may have possibly have seen. I have some lovely photos to shave of my trip.

Orlando International Airport touch down at 11:30am. The weather was a balmy 76 degrees and just absolutely lovely day outside. Compared to when we left Dulles VA it was a cool and chilly 50 degrees when we left our home.

We are on our way to our hotel in Lake Mary Fl. So beautiful there and oh my the weather was just absolutely perfect.

Our out of the way quaint hotel. This is The Hilton Garden Hotel in Lake Mary Fl. I loved it. We picked this hotel because we didn't want to stay in any of the busier Hilton hotels near by plus it had everything including free internet and business room if you didn't bring your laptop, breakfast, and all the neat little things that come included in the room like a coffee machine, microwave and iron and ironing board which really did need since so many of the family members were getting dress at our hotel room so it was quite full.

Yes it was warm enough for the pool. Although we didn't bring our bathing suits we did manage to get some sun near the pool for a few hours and dip our toes in. It was very relaxing.

I love Palm tress so I took so many of them. I saw some palm trees when we were in Vegas but I didn't get the chance to snap some photos of them.

Another perfect small Palm tree. I wanted to just take it out and bring it home with me. Do you think they would have notice at the airport that I had a palm tree stuck in my suitcase? most likely I already got pulled over at Dulles for having a large hand sanitizer in my bag. Boy that was embarrassing. The guard had to make sure everyone heard it too. LOL

My husband hasn't seen his cousin Eddy in quite sometime so it was nice to finally meet some more of his family. He has a very large family so it was nice meeting him. This was also our first time meeting his fiancee' Hope. Very lovely and pretty lady and very talented artist I must say. We finally got to speak with her at the reception and she seemed a little shy but happy to meet us. Love that wedding dress she had on. My husband also got a chance to see his brother who also lives in Florida and he came to the wedding with his two kids and pregnant wife Christine. I have met both of them already but haven't met the kids yet so this was my first time seeing my little nephews.

The wedding took place in Sanford Fl not to far from our hotel so it was a quick 15 minute drive down route 4. It was a beautiful evening and this is the gazebo where the wedding took place.

My two cutey pie nephews Dominick (on the left) and Gavin on the right. Boy the energy this two had made me really tired just watching them and trying to keep up with them was a nightmare. I really feel for my sister in law who has to watch them like a hawk and not to mention she is due for another boy in February. As you can see they were not thrilled to be taking a picture. They were told to be still for a minute so I took the opportunity to take their photo.

This is where they had their reception.I wish I had more photos of the reception but my camera ran out of batteries and my cell phone was in the car so wish I had more photos.

Another shot of the gazebo. We are all waiting for the arrival of the bride. Yes she was late but it is to be expected. She has to make a grand entrance. And she was just beautiful! It was so worth the wait.

A shot of the happy couple Eddy and Hope congratulations to the both and I wish you all the happiness in the world :-)

So in closing, I this was my first visit to Florida and I don't fly much but I am beginning to enjoy flying a little better each time I do. I just hate the hassles of flying and all the rituals it takes to get to one point to the other. It took us over an hour and a half to get in the doors to finally getting to our gate. WTH? both ways. I rather take the trains but I am so happy I got the chance to see my husbands family and meet my cute nephews.

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