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This weeks new artist of the week is Ibeautiful from I found Ibeautiful through the Etsy search feature of all the current Etsy shops in my area and I found this lovely shop. Ironically Ibeautiful is in my town (Bristow, VA) and actually right up the street from where I live. So this is a added plus that I found this shop and met one of the shop owners name Mia. First I want to thank Mia for allowing me to interview her for this blog and it was such a pleasure chit chatting with her and getting to know more about her and her sister who are partners.

Lets begin.

Tell us a little about Ibeautiful and how you got started?


Ibeautiful was born in 2006 by sister team Joye Davis and Mia Elliott. Together we have had previous careers in sales, teaching and fashion. In the last 10 years we have become stay at home moms,with 3kids each. With supportive husbands and family, ibeautiful has become a full-time business.

Joye and I are self-taught designers that continue to learn and evolve through life experiences. Ibeautiful is a reflection of our own personal style and expression.

All day GLAMOUR,ELEGANCE,CHIC,TIMELESS SOPHISTICATED jewelry. Our jewelry is always feminine, flirty and unique!

Who or what inspires you?

We design from a vast array of inspirations. The strength and fearless energy of New York City, exotic lands,music, art and most important, the WOMEN.

It is a blessing that God has touched our hands and imagination to create beautiful wearable art pieces. Each piece is an expression of love and empowerment too women. We design for the working women,busy mom,and socialite who has to balance life's many directions while expressing their own personal style.

Can you reveal a little about your creative process?

GOLD AND GEMSTONE BIB NECKLACE-Swarovski Crystals and faceted citrine

The creative process is an exciting adventure. It can come at anytime. Glancing through a magazine, and gold sequence clutch catches my eye! I'm thinking bold and exotic,a little flirty with an edge to it. Then I see the women wearing this piece, Eva Mendez, Kerry Washington,or Juanita Brown(my mom). Next I gather my materials, mixing different color and texture variations to create a timeless beauty.

When and How did you learn your craft?


Ibeautiful is a purpose driven company. We feel very fortunate that we are able to create a product worthy of people's hard earned money. I started making jewelry as a means of fun,expression, and income about 10 years ago. I was actually watching an episode of Opera, on self-made millionaires, that was the being of the madness. Soon after Ibeautiful was created. With the success of our company we are giving to women and children with special needs a percentage of each sale. Also donating to the Special Olympics. Future goals would include funding programs and independent living homes for adults with special needs. My family and I are participants in the special Olympics and special needs community.

Do you do your craft full time or part-time?

Joye and I currently work out of home offices and kitchen tables. Which enables me to continue homeschooling my daughter and allows Joye to be home with the newest addition to our family, Westly Davis.

What impact (if any) has the internet had on your craft?

The Internet can expose you to the world! Making your product visible to millions.It is a constant learning and researching, process but worth while. In addition to the Internet,you must make yourself visible to your community and neighboring areas. Don't overlook local newspapers, shows,magazines,stores,and word of mouth to get your name/product to your target market.

Any advice you may want to add to someone who has started or is thinking about start a craft and selling?

My advice to others looking to make their dream a reality would be -DO IT, DO IT NOW! Don't wait for the right time or when you have more time, because that might not ever show its face. Be fearless, think outside the box, learn from your mistakes,and continue to educate yourself about your art/craft and marketing your business. Pray and never give up!

"To accomplish great things,we must not only act,but also dream,not only plan, but also believe"
Anatole France

Please visit our website at and

Cas Boutique in Gainesville VA.
October 24th -Trunk Show at Blush Bridal Boutique in Gainesville VA.

For upcoming events please visit our website.

Photo were provided with permission from Ibeautiful
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