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There are so many social networking websites to choose these days. At times I feel like I am caught in a numbers game as to who to join, which one is the best for me and so forth and so on. It boggles my mine that not only are there many new social networking websites but now people are creating them just to be creating them to keep up with the major social websites. I am constantly getting emails to join social groups. It is really getting out of hand. No one I mean no one can keep up with all the websites unless you have no life and spend the majority of your time on the internet all day.

First let's start off with Facebook. Ok I am speaking for myself here. I don't join social networking website because it is the "IN" thing. It's whats everyone is doing at the moment. Facebook will soon be a memory just like Myspace has become. Give it some time. No one ever talks about Myspace anymore. I wonder why? hmmm. I am not a follower of trends. I have my own mind to think for myself what is best for me not what is the latest trend or style. I get this all the time " you should join because...

1. Oh everyone else has one you should get one too. I don't think so
2. Oh it would be great for your business. Possibly
3. It is a great way to advertise. Maybe
4. You can keep in touch with old friends. NOT

I have had Facebook way before it has become popular and to be honest, I didn't like it. And now that is has become the number 1 leading social network out on the web today and it is still not making wanna jump on the band wagon. I don't like signing up for things that I know I don't like for one and secondly, I know I won't be spending much time on it. Time is always a concern for me and joining these clubs and social programs is time consuming.

Now lets take a look at Twitter. I have Twitter, Twitter is ok not something I want to write home to my grams about. I just don't see what the big fuss is about. Letting strange people know what you are doing and thinking all day long. I think I may tweet something maybe once or twice a week if that. Twitter is a good way to have someone stalk you LOL. Call me paranoid if you must but in today's world I leave nothing to chance. I like my privacy and would like to keep it that way.

Ok I am not saying that people should not use Twitter, no I am not saying that at all. I have friends that love using Twitter but hey what floats your boat. I have even seen people try to tweet when they are standing in line at the grocery store, and at the Post office. It has become a obsession. Twitter has its purpose yes I agree. For every thing good from Twitter comes bad. I get about 1-2 followers that are from the porn world and all the spamming I can take. People don't want to follow you just because you are interesting, they only follow you because they want to see how many followers they can get. I think if you have over 1000 followers the less likely you tweets will even been seen by anyone.

Now Plurk is something I can get into. Not only have I met some incredible people on plurk but I have establish wonderful business and personal relationships with my friends. I can communicate with them, my friends respond to my plurks unlike twitter where you have just a bunch a strangers that could care less what you have to say and never respond. I don't known why Plurk hasn't become as popular as Twitter has? Oh well maybe sometime in the future Plurk will get its time in the spotlight.

I feel that we as American are so tech savy now that we no longer socialize with each other face to face. Everything we do and say is all on the computer, cell phones, Ipods etc. No one send a letter or picks up the phone anymore to call anyone. A quick text message will do the trick. We have become such a anti social society now.

So really in closing, social networks are good for me only if I can put in the time for them and if I actually like them. Joining them just because it is the in thing to do is not for me. I would like to be leader and not follower. :-)

Have a great day and have fun with Facebook, or Twitter or even better Plurking. ;-)

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