Time To Move On

The passing of Michael Jackson has been a shock to everyone including myself. He has been a big part of my life as a child and as a adult. The day before Michael had passed away, I was watching his video "You Rock My World" on Youtube. Then after I finished watching and singing with the video, I said to myself, "What a sad day the world will be when this man dies". The next day June 25th is when he did die. Man did I feel bad.

Before his passing, every now and then I watch some of his videos and they always make me smile and want to just get up and start dancing. You Rock My World was one of his latest videos. Then I was in such a good mood I wanted to watch some of the other videos such as "Remember The Time", Thriller, Smooth Criminal. It is hard to just pick out just one of his songs when so many of them were good. I remember the song "Childhood" and I just recently heard it on the radio and never really paid attention to the lyrics. It was heartbreaking.

The songs that I think were just underrated are "Who is it", and "Stranger in Moscow".

His death was a shock to me and I am sure to most others too. I never really sat down and cried but I did feel a sense of loss of a man that I grew up with and my son had grown up with. Just because you never met someone, doesn't mean you can't feel sorrow for them. When we lost a lot of our service men and women in Iraq, I feel the sorrow and pain of their families. Michael Jackson has been part of many of our lives and we all take his passing in different ways. No I never met him and I wished that I did but maybe in another life I will get the chance to meet the most famous entertainer and most loving person, soft spoken and giving person in the world.

Rest in Peace Michael. I will always remember the times.

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