One of my favorite holidays during the summer months. I love July 4th. Time for barbeque, fireworks and spending time with the family. My husband and I decided to barbeque this weekend just the two of us. We would have prefer to have some family come visit but unfortunately, no one is able to come. My son and my mother came to visit a couple of weeks ago and it was such a delight to have them see our home. We have been living in our new home now for a year as of June 30th and they were our first visitors. It would have been so nice to see them this weekend as well.

I love watching the fireworks display. We usually can see them from our bedroom window where we use to live but now that we have moved, we will not be able to see them. When I lived in Philadelphia (which was several yrs ago) My son and I use to head down to Penns Landing waterfront and see the fireworks display up close. Boy that was such a treat but dealing with the crowds afterwards was a mess. Taking a car there was not a wise choice so we would always bus it or take the El to the waterfront.

( A view from Penns Landing in Phila) Its just beautiful there. You always get a nice breeze right near the water. My son and I use to take a bike ride every Sunday during the summer early in the morning. Gosh those where the days.

This is how crowded it can get during the 4th of July and special events that are held on the waterfront. The streets are packed with people. You can barely move. Over the years it has gotten more and more difficult to even get to Penns Landing because of the amount of people that come there just for the fireworks. Penns Landing has expanded and have so much going on there now since I lived there.

(flickr photo by willow2k)

The fireworks display would be on a barg in the Delaware river between Camden NJ and Philadelphia so both sides of the river can see it.This is such an awesome shot of the fireworks. Many thanks to willow2k for allowing me to use this photo.

Now that I am living in northern VA I don't get to see many fireworks unless I go into DC or other areas that are having fireworks. I will just remember the times I shared with my son going to Penns Landing in Phila which were the best moments of my son's childhood that brings a smile to my face.

I want to wish you all a happy and safe July 4th weekend.

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