Sage & Citrus Olive Oil Soap is back again

It sure is. I have been asked many times to make another batch of this soap and it has arrive. It is now made with Olive oil. I use olive oil sparingly because of the cost of buying it can get pretty expensive but I will be making a few more soaps with Olive oil in it. I love it. This has been one of my favorites. My twin brother Mike has been asking me about it and I just got around to making another batch of it.

It is made with

60% Olive oil
15% coconut oil
10% palm oil
5% safflower oil

and scented with the wonderful scent of Sage & Citrus. Not too overpowering but just enough to enjoy the scent. Plus it has added Calendula petal for effect. It turned out to be a very nice looking soap again and look forward to my customers enjoying it again.

More soaps to come such as Bartlett Pear & Basil, White Tea & Ginger, and Tomato Leaf. These soaps are now being cured. Although they are made using the Hot Process method, I prefer to cure them for a few of weeks. The Bartlett Pear & Basil is now ready and will be listed in our Artfire Studio and our Etsy shop this week. Keep an eye for them

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