It is that time of year to celebrate Mothers. I am also a mother myself. Being a mother has been the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my life and although my son is a grown man, I still love being his mom. A mom doesn't stop being a mom just because your child is an adult you just have to be a different mom. A mom that can make his pain go away when he falls, you have to let him fall and pick himself back up, A mom that wipe his tears when he is hurt but a mom that will be there for him to cry on your shoulder, A mom that can make him eat his veggies but a mom that hopes that he listens to you and he eats them himself on his own. (wishful thinking LOL) A mom that has to accept what their child does in life because you just have to hope and pray that you raised him right to make their own decisions. Not all of your child's decisions will make you happy but just accept it or don't. Just be there for support.

And then you have the new moms. The moms that are having their first crack at what it is like to totally responsible for a child. This newborn will depend on you for everything, when to eat, when to sleep, when their diaper needs changing, etc etc. This is the most important time in a child's life is when they are newborns all the way til at least four yrs of age where what you do defines what kind of person they will become. They develop their own personalities through you.

Then you have the moms that are at the stage of their child teens years. Boy this can be a very hard time but we all have been teens and know what it is like at this age to want independence and feel like adults. (boy does this bring back memories for me).

Then we need to take a look at our own moms. My mom has always been there for me, though she was a tough son of B, there were reasons why she was so tough on us. Her mom was never tough on her and never was there for her so she had to learn the hard way by herself.My mom didn't want history to repeat itsself. It matters what you teach your children and setting examples for them because they will become adults and learn from you.

So this is a tribute to all the wonderful moms and all that you do on a daily basis. Yes we can do it all and we want to do it all. Do we have to, no but we like doing it. We love feeling needed and wanted by our children. I guess it is just in our nature. Mom I love you and keep on doing what you do best and that is being the best mom you can be.

Happy Mother's Day.
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