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New Feature Meet Spoiled Bratzwear

Yes I am have finally started to do some wonderful handmade artist features. This week I would like to introduce to you Spoiled Bratswear. Not only is she one of my favorite customers but have one of the most interesting and the cutest pet wear I have seen. I couldn't decide which one to pick but here are some of her fabulous wear in her studio at Artfire. Check out some of her fabulous wear for pets.

Modern Floral Summer Harness Dress for Little Dogs~OOAK

Lightweight and perfect for the warmer weather, this dress is self-lined at the top and the skirt is a single layer of cotton. Lovely modern floral print in soft citrus tones on a brown background. SO pretty!

Jungle Cat Dog Hatz4Brats™---shhhh don't scare her!

Super lightweight fleece "hood" with precious little double layer earz (print on one side, light pink on the front) to bring out the cat in your dog. These weigh less than an ounce and my customers tell me it's the only hat their pet will leave on.
Gently tie…

Memorial Day May 25th 2009

Happy Memorial Day

It has been a while since I have posted and have seriously neglected my blog. But I have to post about this weekend. It is a weekend of fun in the sun, start of the summer vacations, barbeques, fireworks and much more but we often forget what this weekend is for. Yes we all have the day off to relax but Memorial Day represents our men and women who have died during their military service.

My heart goes to those who have lost a soldier to war, be it your father, mother, daughter, son, brother, uncle, aunt, sister, grand father or grand mother. My prayers are with you and know this can not be a easy day for you.

This day should be the day to remember the good and the wonderful life your love one has had. Remember their smile, their joy, the way of life. Not how they died but how they lived. They died to defend this country.

We need to live our lives as if it was your last day. Enjoy life and don't stress because your neighbors have more "things" then you d…
It is that time of year to celebrate Mothers. I am also a mother myself. Being a mother has been the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my life and although my son is a grown man, I still love being his mom. A mom doesn't stop being a mom just because your child is an adult you just have to be a different mom. A mom that can make his pain go away when he falls, you have to let him fall and pick himself back up, A mom that wipe his tears when he is hurt but a mom that will be there for him to cry on your shoulder, A mom that can make him eat his veggies but a mom that hopes that he listens to you and he eats them himself on his own. (wishful thinking LOL) A mom that has to accept what their child does in life because you just have to hope and pray that you raised him right to make their own decisions. Not all of your child's decisions will make you happy but just accept it or don't. Just be there for support.

And then you have the new moms. The moms that are having t…