New Soap Have Arrived

Whats New? New Morning Mocha Coffee Soap. I actually forgot I had it sitting because I thought I made it using the cold process method and actually it was made using the Hot process method. The hot process method does not require the soap to cure for weeks. I usually let my hot process soaps sit about a week to harden. I took one bar out and used it this week and it is almost gone. My husband loves it. It is a great pick me up in the morning. It has a nice rich lather and you don't have to worry about smelling like coffee after you get our of the shower. This scent is not like your typical coffee scent.

I know that some people prefer soaps that leave a nice scent on their skin but for me, don't get me wrong, I love a nice smelling soap too, I just prefer my soaps to leave your skin feeling soft, and healthy and also smelling good. So if you are looking for that perfect soap that looks like food, cakes, pretty fancy swirls and designs then my soaps may not be for you. It's whats in the soaps that matters to me. I wanted a soap that people want to use and to not have it sitting on you sick or linen closet because it just looks too darn gone pretty to use. I have bought a few really pretty soaps from other soap makers in the past month and I just can't bring myself to use them because they are just too pretty to mess up so I decided to use them when I have guest over.

Lately I find myself using the Hot Process method because it is so easy to work with then the cold process method. Although the cold process method is pretty simple too but I never know how it will turn out til it is finished the next day. Sometime I wind up ruining a large batch of soap. The hot process method may be hard to swirl or thick when it is ready to put into the mold but I find it better to cook the soap in the oven.

The Black Raspberry Vanilla Musk soap was made using the cold process method and oh boy the scent totally dominated my curing closet. I had about 4 batches of soap curing on racks and soon as you open the door, the Black Raspberry Vanilla musk scent just took over. I just had to try it out and I love it. One of my favorite scents. This has to be one of my favorites. I needed to put about 3 bars aside for myself and for my husband because this batch will go quickly.

Would you like to try samples? I have a listing in both my Etsy and Artfire sites where you can pick and choose a small sample of any of my soaps and you will find many other great products to choose from. I am sure I have something for you.

A sneak peak behind the scenes. This just some of our soaps. We are doing inventory and couldn't quite fit all of them on the table.

Coming next week: Nag Champa and our Oatmeal Milk and Honey is back by popular demand

Don't forget to get those taxes done today. Today is the Deadline

Happy Tax day!!!

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