MMMMM Whipped Ice Cream Soap

Well I finally decided to bring my Whipped Parfait Ice Cream back. I made these a long time ago and decided to stop making them because they just too long to make. Yes these are made from scratch using a combination of ingredients. This is not a premade soap that was bought and fragrance was just added to it. I whip this soap by hand. I was making large batches of the soap and I couldn't keep them in stock long enough so I stop making them because the request for them was coming in faster than I can make them. So this time instead of making a large batch of these, I make a few at a time already scented. Custom orders for these will be by request only. I think that's why I couldn't keep them in stock because of the custom orders. But these are great. I love making them. They are very light and fluffy and it comes in a plastic recyclable 8 oz container. Just scoop a small about onto a color poof sponge and lather up. Great for the entire family to use especially the kids.

These soaps can be found at our Etsy and Artfire shops

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