American Idol Adam Lambert!

Ok so this guy has really made an impression on me. I never been so excited to see the next show of American Idol just see what he will sing next. He blew me away again on Tuesday's show with Mad World. So I had to go online and find the original song. I am a huge fan of the 80's and found out that this was originally by Tears for Fears and later redone by Gary Jules. I love Tears for Fears but thought the second version of this song by Gary Jules was much better. I thought Adam did a marvelous job of the song and I became a bigger fan of his. Although I like Danny and Alison, but there is just something about Adam that got me all excited.

But, I still love Alison who is the yougest of the bunch and my boy Danny who I believe will be the last 2 standing along with Adam. But thats just me. As you know things can change very rapidly on American Idol but this is what I am hoping for.

So as I was cruising youtube to find the original song, I also ran across a very interesting video of Adam performing in a musical with Val Kilmer a couple of years ago. The musical was called The Ten Commandments staring Val Kilmer. I have one word to describe this performance. OUTSTANDING. I thought this would be a great time to post this on my blog because it is very close to Easter and I don't think too many people have seen this performance.

Way to go Adam! I know you will be our next American Idol. Enjoy the clip.

Here is the original remake of Mad World done by Gary Jules of Mad World

Adam Lambert STUDIO RECORDING Full Version Mad World that he sang on American Idol April 7, 2009


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