Where Have I Been?

I know, I know it has been a long time since I last posted and it is not like me to not post for this length of time. With so much going on in my life like with family, and all the social networking it can be overwhelming and I can't get to everything. Sometimes I feel that if I don't keep up on all the social networking to keep my name visible, I will go down in a ball of flames especially now a days when everyone is losing their jobs and not many people wanting to spend money.

When I moved last year in July 08, I pretty much stopped everything for over 6 weeks.My husband and I bought a new home so you know how draining that can be and how buying a home can wear you out. It was so hard getting my website back up and running, My Etsy shop and other venues where I have been selling on. I felt like everyone forgot about me. My sales dropped so bad that I considered shutting everything down, because I just couldn't bounce back from it. Then you start to doubt yourself.

All this from being gone for 6 weeks. It was like trying to start over from scratch. It is a shame that I felt that I had to constantly be seen in and around the internet to maintain my business. It took its toll on me and still does. I feel I have to continue to do what everyone else is doing just to keep up and stay seen "ok breathe deeply now" :-)

These are just some of the networking sites I currently belong to

1. Plurk
2. Using Twitter
3. Have a Facebook account
4. Myspace
5. Social groups like We Love Etsy, Indepublic and soaper groups.
5. Being on handmade craft sites
6. being active in the forums. I have seen so many people hanging out in Artfire, and Etsy forums and its always the same people all day. I call the forum whores. They hang out there all day hoping to get a sale from someone just by being in there. LOL
7. Ebay social groups

These are the sites I once had all at once.


and the list goes on and on. I just can't keep up anymore. I literally had to give up some being on these sites because it was just too much I mean I was seriously burning out and can't possibly keep all of these things going. So I ditched the sites where they were just not making any sales or receiving an views. I am down to just Artfire, my website, Etsy and Bonanzle.

Can someone say Calgon take me away!!!! Ok I got a headache just thinking about all of that LMAO.

But I NEVER gave up and my husband told me to hang in there and stay strong and I did and I eventually bounce back. I am here to stay so get use to my name because I won't be going anywhere anytime soon not if I can help and I will always produce the best products I can possibly make for my customers.

I have been busy though making new soaps, some old but goodies are back like my Sea Salt Body Polisher, and the Bath Time Soap Jelly which is my favorite for the Spring and Summer. I have a few more items that I will be introducing soon and some other things that I will be discontinuing. So it is a process trying to decide these things. My website is temporarily down because I will be redesigning it again for the warmer months. So that is what I have been up to lately. Thanks for hangin in there with me :-)

Stay tuned!

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