March Is Here! Yeah

March is finally here and I am so looking forward to the Spring. But today is coming in like a Lion. Cold weather and some snow is coming for us. Late but it is coming. If the snow arrives tonight like it says it is, it will be the second snow fall of the year. I know that is nothing compared to what the rest of the country has gotten all year but to us, that is a lot. Our winters here in the DC area has been either mild or hardly any snow fall in the past few years and any sign of just a little snow is exciting.

So what is coming this month? New soaps Yeah! I have been in a slump lately and sales have been on the down slope for the past month or so. Some sales but can't say NO sales. I guess some is better then nothing at all but I am confident that things will pick up again. I won't give up. As long as I am out there and can be found I will be around.

A sneak peek at some up coming soaps for this month. The whipped soaps will be ready at the end of the month and the Hot process is ready now but I like for them to sit for about a week or two.

So with that said, This is a new Hot Process soap called Brown Sugar & Fig. Smells delicious and lathers wonderfully. I am excited about the Hot Process soaps. Although they don't have the swirls and fancy colors. The lather is much creamier and the scents are much bolder. I will start to make more and more of these soaps as it seems to me much easier to just cook the soap then to let them sit for 4-6 weeks. They are ready to use because the soap is cooked in the oven.

This soap is called Lychee Red Tea. A Hot Process soap. This was made with so many wonderful oils such as soybean, almond oil, palm oil, coconut oil, and mango butter. The lather is rich and creamy and the scent is nice. This will sit for about a week but they are ready to be used. I know many customers prefer their soaps to be colorful with the fancy swirls and designs but I want my soaps to work wonders on your skin and impress you with the way they look. Hot Process soaps are just awesome. I love the rustic old fashion look that they present and give the soap a real authentic look of soap.

Whipped Cold Process Soap

This is what the whipped soap looks like when the lye and all of the oils have been whipped together. At this stage it is ready to be colored and scented.

This is how the soap looks after it has been put into the mold. At this point it is very soft to the touch. It takes about 2 days for this soap to firm up. This one of the other whipped soap that I finished called Cool Springs

This is soap is called Whipped Moonlight Path. Very light and airy, floats on water, and also has great lather. I don't think I have made a soap that did not lather well. LOL. This type of Whipped soap was never meant to look edible, its just that they are whipped for a long time to this really light fluffy texture to give the soap a yummy look. So don't let the beauty of this soap put you off from getting it because it smells wonderful and will do wonders for your skin.

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