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Come take a Poll?

I need to find out what people prefer in their handmade soaps. Since I make my soaps from scratch and don't use Melt and Pour soaps that often I want to get an idea of what you want when you look for soaps. Please take my quick poll. I would really appreciate it.

When buying handmade soaps, which do you prefer?
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1000 Sales !!!

Yes this is true. I have reached my 1000th sale at my Etsy shop. Wow I thought I would never see this day since last year was very slow. But I finally did it and you have no idea how happy I am to reach that 1000th mark. My 1000th customer received free shipping and free lip balms. I really couldn't have done it without my customers. They are the ones that hung in there and supported me and loved what I have to offer. So for those loyal and new customers, I want to personally thank you for making this possible and I will continue to bring you quality bath and body products.

Much thanks

Where Have I Been?

I know, I know it has been a long time since I last posted and it is not like me to not post for this length of time. With so much going on in my life like with family, and all the social networking it can be overwhelming and I can't get to everything. Sometimes I feel that if I don't keep up on all the social networking to keep my name visible, I will go down in a ball of flames especially now a days when everyone is losing their jobs and not many people wanting to spend money.

When I moved last year in July 08, I pretty much stopped everything for over 6 weeks.My husband and I bought a new home so you know how draining that can be and how buying a home can wear you out. It was so hard getting my website back up and running, My Etsy shop and other venues where I have been selling on. I felt like everyone forgot about me. My sales dropped so bad that I considered shutting everything down, because I just couldn't bounce back from it. Then you start to doubt yourself.

All this…

March Is Here! Yeah

March is finally here and I am so looking forward to the Spring. But today is coming in like a Lion. Cold weather and some snow is coming for us. Late but it is coming. If the snow arrives tonight like it says it is, it will be the second snow fall of the year. I know that is nothing compared to what the rest of the country has gotten all year but to us, that is a lot. Our winters here in the DC area has been either mild or hardly any snow fall in the past few years and any sign of just a little snow is exciting.

So what is coming this month? New soaps Yeah! I have been in a slump lately and sales have been on the down slope for the past month or so. Some sales but can't say NO sales. I guess some is better then nothing at all but I am confident that things will pick up again. I won't give up. As long as I am out there and can be found I will be around.

A sneak peek at some up coming soaps for this month. The whipped soaps will be ready at the end of the month and the Hot proc…