I Got Mad Love For What I Make :-)

Most of my readers here are very creative people. I admire talent when I see it. I take my business very seriously but others that I know do not feel the same as I do about what I do. I appreciate creative,and talented people that take pride in what they do. People that love what they make do it because they just simply love it. Thats it

For years I have struggled wondering if I am good at anything. Yes I have been good at my jobs over the years but its not a talent. It just paid the bills but I never thought I had any talent for anything that I love to do. I went through many things in my life to try to find something that I may be really good at and something I may have a passion for. I finally found it and it is making soap. It is my true passion and it is not something I just do on the side to make a few bucks or something I am doing just to put myself through school til I graduate. I am passed all that. Making soap is something I found in myself that I really enjoying doing even though it does not make me a millionare. Money isn't everything for me, now would it be nice, sure it would be nice. Why wouldn't it be.

Over the years I have found many of my friends (or shall I say people I know) telling me that I am crazy for getting into this. How can I possibly make any money doing this. All I can say is JEALOUSY!. They pretty much don't take me seriously which is fine. But those very same people that have detered me or made comments about what I do seem to be trying to do the very same thing. hmmm I wonder why. And suddenly they are competition. There is room for everyone in this field of bath and body and I have no problems with competition. At times I have wanted to just give up and said to myself "what was I thinking" but my husband took my hand and said, "I want you to do what makes you happy and if this makes you happy, don't give it up" He always picks me up when I am down. God has really blessed me with a good strong man for me to lean on.

I take pride in researching and coming up with my very own recipes and to just tell everyone how I make my soaps is not something I like to let out. This is my business and a very competitive one at that. I do respect others that sell what I sell and admire their talents. I am not as talented as others and it takes years of trial and error to be as good as the others I have seen. I will get there and I have already come a long way.

My family somewhat accepts what I do,I really don't know and really could care less if they do or don't. I just get sick of hearing comments like "oh are you still doing you soap stuff" Its not just soap stuff. I make my so called products from scratch.

Each order I receive, I take the time to make it when it is ordered. My lotions are premade ahead of time in a large container mainly because it has to thicken overnight and that takes time to do so but I make it from scratch.

So in closing, not everyone will support what you do and there will be times or have been times when many will just tell you that you are wasting your time making your craft. And if you have a shop or small business where you sell your items, don't give up, times are slow now but don't give up, hang in there. Things will get better. Don't listen to them, follow your heart and continue to do what you love to do best and that is create. :-)

Sorry for this post being so long but this has been on my mind for so long and it needed to be said.


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