Happy Valentine's Day

It is that time of the year when love is in full bloom. What does this day mean for you? Is it a time of the year where you feel romantic, and loving to that someone special? Is it the time of the year where you get that special gift you always wanted? Is it that time of year where you just take the time to tell you special someone how much you love them?. I really don't celebrate Valentine's Day that much because I tell my husband every single day how much I love him and I show him how much I love him. He does the same thing.But Valentine's Day is all about the love. :-)

Men feel so much pressure to either to propose, send flowers, buy jewelry or candy for their women. Why is that? Why can't the women feel the pressure to propose, or buy their men nice things for this day. It is always the men that feel the pressure. How many marriages take place during Valentines Day? A lot thats for sure. Sometimes the little things mean a lot. Just letting the moms have her day off to spend with you is good enough or spending the afternoon having lunch or a day at the movies is sometimes all you need to spend that quality time together.

Valentine's Day is not just for women, but for the men too so ladies lets not forget our men in our lives. Kudos to those men that go all out on this day. See, some men can be romantic :-)

My loving husband came home with this beautiful bouquet of roses and carnations. He knows how much I love roses and every year he surprises me with a lovely bouquet. I love you sweety :-)

Did you know that Valentine's Day is named after two among the numerous Early Christian martyrs named Valentine. The day became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished.

Valentine's Day started in the time of the Roman Empire. In ancient Rome, February 14th was a holiday to honor Juno. Juno was the Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses. The Romans also knew her as the Goddess of women and marriage. The following day, February 15th, began the Feast of Lupercalia.

So as this special day approaches, grab your love one and tell them how much you love them and make this day a very special day. And not only tell them how much you love them on Valentine's Day but every day.
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