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How Time Has Changed

I was reading on another forum about how time has changed since I was a kid growing up. I grew up in the 70's (thats right 70's) lol and how different it was growing up during that time compared to the way kids are brought up today. I wouldn't want to be a kid growing up today. Life was so much simpler back when I was growing up and even when my mom was coming up as well.

First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. (not that my mom did this but know of some women that have)

We took aspirin, ate fried chicken all the time, and feasted on sugar like it was going out of style plus ate tuna from a can. Oh no!

We never heard of someone dying from breast cancer, or any of these weird cancers, and didn’t get tested for diabetes.

We were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. It is amazing we all survived.

We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode ou…

I Got Mad Love For What I Make :-)

Most of my readers here are very creative people. I admire talent when I see it. I take my business very seriously but others that I know do not feel the same as I do about what I do. I appreciate creative,and talented people that take pride in what they do. People that love what they make do it because they just simply love it. Thats it

For years I have struggled wondering if I am good at anything. Yes I have been good at my jobs over the years but its not a talent. It just paid the bills but I never thought I had any talent for anything that I love to do. I went through many things in my life to try to find something that I may be really good at and something I may have a passion for. I finally found it and it is making soap. It is my true passion and it is not something I just do on the side to make a few bucks or something I am doing just to put myself through school til I graduate. I am passed all that. Making soap is something I found in myself that I really enjoying doing even …

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Happy Valentine's Day

It is that time of the year when love is in full bloom. What does this day mean for you? Is it a time of the year where you feel romantic, and loving to that someone special? Is it the time of the year where you get that special gift you always wanted? Is it that time of year where you just take the time to tell you special someone how much you love them?. I really don't celebrate Valentine's Day that much because I tell my husband every single day how much I love him and I show him how much I love him. He does the same thing.But Valentine's Day is all about the love. :-)

Men feel so much pressure to either to propose, send flowers, buy jewelry or candy for their women. Why is that? Why can't the women feel the pressure to propose, or buy their men nice things for this day. It is always the men that feel the pressure. How many marriages take place during Valentines Day? A lot thats for sure. Sometimes the little things mean a lot. Just letting the moms have her day off…

New Soap!

Thats right New soap has arrived. Well it has been around for awhile I am just getting around to listing it. I actually forgot it was sitting in my closet curing for like the past 2 months so it is definitely ready. What is it?

Pure Cocoa Butter Soap

This is soap is made with a whole lot of unrefined cocoa butter. It has a light not too heavy cocoa butter scent. No color, no preservatives just pure cocoa butter soap. The lather is soft and rich and I am sure you will be pleased with it as much as I am :-)

You can find this soap listed at:

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Praying for time

Ok I was in HS during the 80's and there have been so many great song during this era but the one that stood out for me that I will just never forget is Jesus To A Child By George Michael. My all time favorite song by him. The other song by him that I is just amazing is Praying For Time. You may remember this song because he sang it at last years American Idol Final.

Praying For Time reminds me of the tough times we are facing today. We are literally praying for time. Time to get our lives straight, time for us to stop fighting over land and trivial things, praying for time to live before we destroy ourselves. This is a good reminder of the sick, dying and homesless in this country and around the world. Like the song says There will be nothing for God to come back for because he has no children. And we are all holding on to hope and some feel there is no hope to speak of. And it really is hard to love when there is just so much hate and God is wounded by what he sees and we all ju…