Reopening After The Holidays

We are now reopening our website, our Etsy shop and our Artfire shop. It has been a long and wonderful week for me and I am trying to adjust to being back now. I did get a little lazy over the holidays and I barely touched the computer during my down time. I really needed the break from everything just to unwind and not to constantly think of promoting and sales constantly on a daily basis. It seems that was all I was doing all the time even in my sleep. LOL I would be dreaming up things to create while I was asleep. Now you know I really needed the time off. Now that I am back and up and running I have listed a few new soaps that have been waiting for me to list. I had some doubts about reopening my Etsy shop. I have been having some troubles there with nasty convos from people and I just didn't want to bother about opening up again. But my husband thought I should since 65% of my business comes from there. So I thought I would just give it another try.

Ok here are the New Arrivals

New Lemongrass Poppy Soap

This soap has been curing for about 5 weeks. I actually forgot it was in my soap closet til I went to look in the back and saw them there. I use my master bathroom closet as my soap closet since there are like 6 long shelves in it and its dark and cool there so thought this was an ideal place to store them while they are curing. This has a great lather and one of my most popular scents requested by customers.

Next Lavender Mint Soap

This soap is one of my newest soaps made using Hot Process Soap. What is Hot process? Basicailly the soap is cooked with direct heat rather then poured into the molds and heated on its own. I put this soap into the oven to cook and it was ready to use within a couple of days. Oh this was such a treat for me as this was my first time attempting this method and not sure if I wanted to do it this way but it was all good. Smell terrific!

Whipped Pink Lemonade Soap

This is one of my favorite scents. I just had to make this into a Whipped soap. My whipped soaps are made using the cold process method but the difference is, no heating of any oils, all the oils are at room temperature. I love using this method as you don't have to race to get the soap into the mold. It is whipped with a blender to a light fluffy texture. It is so light, it will float on water.

Ok now you know you want one don't ya. Don't lie to yourself. If you would be interested in any of these new soaps or any of our products stop by our Website, our Etsy Shop or our New Artfire shop. You will
not be disappointed. We also have a HUGE Soap Sale running on our website too so be sure to stop on over. If you haven't signed up for our newsletter go here We usually send out about 1 email newsletter a month. We offer special discount codes just for our mailing list customers so take advantage of it. :-)

Take care and Happy New year to you all
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