Going Handmade Party!

What is it? Well a friend JoAnne was having a birthday party for her daughter. Her daughter came up with the idea of if making handmade gifts. NO store bought toys. My friend Joanne loved the idea since Sammie has so many toys that she hard play with and though something handmade would be a great idea, not only for her but for the kids that were invited to be creative. Samantha (sammie) was totally excited about it. Sammie also made little gifts soaps and she put them into recyclable bags for her friends that were invited. Her mom even made her cake for her instead of buying it. All the trimmings were all handmade and recyclable items. Her mother hung handmade paper cut outs and hung them around the house saying "Happy Birthday" with bright colorful colors. Some were animals shapes.

So of course the parents were all involved and thought this was something different. Everyone had 1 month to come up with an idea so they would have enough time to make something or the option to buy something handmade. So each child bought something handmade. She received a handmade sock puppet dolls, handmade knit hat, sweaters Notebooks and other lovely items. I decided to make a non toxic scented play dough for her and for her friends at the party. It was a big hit! The kids loved it! So I thought I can make it to everyone that would like to have a non toxic play dough. It is really fun for everyone. The kids were 6 yrs old so they enjoyed the Play Dough.

Here is the Play Dough that I made for them.

I gave Sammie all five of the Play Dough as a gift. The kids had a blast and love the idea. They all enjoyed themselves. So not only did Sammie have some really created gifts, her friends also received some really neat Thank you gifts that Sammie made too. So it all turned out really nice. So I thought I make them ready made for you. I did all the work and you can just enjoy it. These play doughs are non toxic, scented, and colored. The Play Dough will be made from scratch when ordered. They are not recommended for children under 3. Although they are totally edible, it is not recommended to eat it as it will not taste very good.

This is something to consider if you are planning on spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on birthdays. It got the kids involved and being creative.

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