New Handmade Website Called Artfire

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

Have you heard of it? Have you been there? Well what are you waiting for? If you sell or like to buy handmade goods then this is the place to go. This website is still in Beta mode but it is a up and coming handmade selling venue that will be sure worth buying or selling from. NO it is not Etsy and it will never be Etsy. I don't like comparing selling venues and each has their own unique style. Am I still on Etsy Of course. Although I have had some problems on Etsy in the past few months with not so nice people sending me really not so nice convo's commenting on my shop. But I can't fault the whole website for the few idiots that chose to be run and think they are gonna run me off. No way Jose! not this chick. I really was contemplating on leaving Etsy but chose to stick it out because sales have been very good to me. I was hoping to make my 1,000 sale mark by now but don't think I will get there anytime soon, but I am always hopeful and positive that this will happen. I remember when I started on Etsy a couple of years back, things were not always right with the site either, they were still going through their newness faze as well. But over time they improved.

So back to Artfire. It can be so much improved and I am so hopeful about the selling venue. I see so many Etsy sellers there and some are doing quite well. So did I peak your interest, if so click here Register on Sign up fees are only $7.00 for the life of your account. No fees for listing which you can list as much as you want. And no selling fees, which is also a plus.

Still not sure about Artfire, well you can still find me at our website and our Etsy shop.

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