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I am always nervous whenever I list something that I never sold before. I wonder if anyone would find it interesting or even consider buying it. I break out into a sweat and wonder "if my stuff is any good" Yes I do get those thoughts and I know I am not the only one that have those thoughts run through your mind.

I never know how well they will do, but I guess the only way to find out is to list it. I really don't like taking photos. One of my biggest pet peeves about selling is taking the darn photos. It took me almost an hour to take this photo and took it over 20 times, mainly because it kept coming out lopsided. Then I had to edit the photo. I am not one for putting a lot of stuff in the photos and fancy backgrounds. I like for the item to stand on its own without all the extra stuff in the photo. I don't want the item to be distracted.

So I had my doubts about adding anything new to my website, Etsy and Artfire. The economy is very slow and sales have been very slow. I have decided that I will limit adding new items for the next few months. Sales have been incredibly slow and this is to be expected after the holidays but even before that, my December sales were a disaster this year.

I didn't want to add this new item as these two items I only made for myself to use. I have been using this for the past couple of months and have been going back and forth on whether to add these items. So I will give it a try and see.

New Items

This is our new treats for your face. New Hydrating Facial Cleanser and Facial Spritzer. What is it? Our Hydrating Facial Cleanser helps clear away dirt and oil from you face. It can also be left on your face as a facial mask to deep cleaning.

How do you use it? Apply cleanser to the face using a cotton ball, finger tips or a clean cloth. Avoid around the eye area. Let face dry for a couple of minutes and rinse clean with warm water. To use as a light scrub, use a circular motion when apply the cleanser.

Try the Hydrating Facial Spritzer after using the facial cleanser for a refreshing feeling. Just give a few sprays around the face and allow to try. Then you are set to go.

I use the facial cleanser every day to clean away dirt, oil and makeup. It works great before bedtime.

These can be scented with any essential oils I have in stock. I will have this available soon on my website and Artfire.

I have also been upgrading my labels. I am not very good good at doing my own labels and I can just easily have someone do them for me but my problems is that I don't want to commit to and label designs as I am constantly changing me mind. I probably will never be satisfied with it and it wind up costing my a lot of money constantly changing them. So I decided to to try it again.
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