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My Baking Experience

I love to cook. I think I am a very good cook, at least that's what my husband tells me. But I haven't been very good at baking. Why? I have no idea. Either I don't follow the recipe right, try to change the recipe or I over cook it and it just never works. I think the only thing I can bake right is peanut butter cookies that I make from scratch myself or just a simple cake.

But over the Christmas holiday I did branch out and try to make some really fabulous goodies. I know a really awesome lady name Krista from who recommended a some great treats that I attempted to make over the holiday. I just had to try a few of the recipes she had on her blog.

First up I am a HUGE chocolate lover and this was a recipe I just had to try.

This is my version of the Chocolae Cake Bites

This was made with simple yellow cake mix, cake frosting and chocolate. The cake mix was made into just two baked round cakes and then later crumbled into a bowl. The …

That Holiday Spirit

Where is it? For me I am in such a foul Christmas spirit. Why do the retail industry take all the fun out of the meaning of Christmas. It is not about how much you are going to spend or who is getting what for Christmas or what you want for Christmas. Its about the birth of Christ, family love ones and being happy. Christmas time makes so many people miserable and that is not what it is all about. I am so thankful for just being able to get up in the morning, kiss my husband good bye and enjoy my day. We have gotten in such a rut every year killing ourselves to please others. Granted it is more about the spirit of giving yes but I do think we go over board trying to please everyone. Ok so what will happen if you don't give a gift this year? Will family talk about you? Call you cheap? Are you more concerned about how people will perceive you if you don't give a gift? Its the pressure of the holidays to give give give even if you can't even afford it.

We all put ourselves in …

What's New

Well it has been awhile since I have posted anything new in my shops but I do have a few new items I like to share.

Soaps, yes new soaps have arrived. It has been some time since I made any new soaps. The process for me takes some time and I really have to be in the soap making mood to make soap and lately I haven't but I have made some progress in the past month and have been motivated to get into the kitchen and started making some new soaps.

Most recently listed soap.

One of my favorite soaps to use is the Loofah. Some don't like the rough feel of the loofah but I love it. I love how it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and new. This loofah is made with a awesome goats milk soap and a Honey Almond Essential oil fragrance. Absolutely one of my best fragrance. This is filled with the soap and has added almond meal added to it for added exfoliating. This will come wrapped in a plastic bag with tie and label. Great for gift giving and stocking stuffers.

For Men. Yes Men go figure


My Trip To Florida

Well my husband and I just recently made a weekend trip to Sunny Florida to see family and to attend my husband's cousin Eddy's wedding. We normally don't take long distance trips such as this often so we were due for a little R & R. We both work really hard and we needed some time away for a bit. And yes this is my very first visit to Florida. We left on Friday November 20 and returned Sunday November 22 so a short trip.

I am not much for flying so being that we recently made some trips to Vegas in 2004 & 2005 made this trip for me a little easier. We flew out of Dulles/Washington Airport on Friday with Jetblue. I really enjoyed my flight and it took away a lot of my fears for flying. The pilots were very friendly and what I loved best if all they had Directv on board so I can kick back and watch what I wanted and not watch a movie that I may have possibly have seen. I have some lovely photos to shave of my trip.

Orlando International Airport touch down at 11:30am.…

New Artfire Feature Artist

This week I would like to introduce a new Artfire Featured artist. Shiny Adornment. I met the owner of Shiny Adornments Kristy from She is one of my favorite plurk buddies. I love chatting with her during the day very funny and pleasant person. I have taken the time to visit Kristy's Artfire studio and was in love with many of her pieces in her studio and just had to feature her so everyone can see why I think her shop was worth featuring.

Here is Krissy's interview about her business ShinyAdornments.

What is your name and your business?

Kristy, ShinyAdornments

Where in the world are you located? Country/ State?
Wichita, KS USA

Your website/blog/shop

Simply Shiny Blog
Etsy Shop
Artfire Studio:

Artisan Wood & Silver Hoop Earrings

Handmade Artisan Sterling silver dark wood hoop earrings. Lovely deep dark wood rondelles accented with sterling beads are found on the hand…

New Etsy Featured Artist of the Week

This weeks new artist of the week is Ibeautiful from I found Ibeautiful through the Etsy search feature of all the current Etsy shops in my area and I found this lovely shop. Ironically Ibeautiful is in my town (Bristow, VA) and actually right up the street from where I live. So this is a added plus that I found this shop and met one of the shop owners name Mia. First I want to thank Mia for allowing me to interview her for this blog and it was such a pleasure chit chatting with her and getting to know more about her and her sister who are partners.

Lets begin.

Tell us a little about Ibeautiful and how you got started?


Ibeautiful was born in 2006 by sister team Joye Davis and Mia Elliott. Together we have had previous careers in sales, teaching and fashion. In the last 10 years we have become stay at home moms,with 3kids each. With supportive husbands and family, ibeautiful has become a full-time business…

Artfire Featured Artist

This week I would like to introduce Dawn Correspondence

I met dawncorrespondence through Plurk. Her name is Amanda and I love logging on in during the day to seeing her funny plurks. Every so often I go pass her Artfire studio to take a look at one of her newly designed stationary. Dawncorrespondence is a Virginia native just like myself and wanted to show off some of what Virginia artist are all about.

Here is my interview with Amanda

What is your name.
Amanda owner of Dawn Correspondence, etc.

Where are you located Country/ State?
Richmond, Virginia! USA

Tell us about yourself and what you make.

I am a compulsive paper crafter! I create customized stationery and invitations, and have recently gotten into creating gift boxed stationery, handmade envelopes, and gift tags. In other news...I hate sleeping (I'd much rather be crafting). I enjoy writing. And I love cooking.

Who or what inspires you?

I am most often inspired by nature. I get my best ideas while I am on a long drive and have…

This Weeks Sale

Soy Wax Melts

These are our latest item on sale this week. Buy 1 get the second 1 for 1/2 off. I love burning these during the cool Fall months. I have a variety of scents appropriate to the Fall. Our latest that has been added is Pumpkin Vanilla. One of my all time favorite Fall scents. I have so many fragrance that I couldn't possibly add them all so if you don't see you favorite, please drop me a line and I will check to see if I have your favorite scent. I was burning the Cinnamon Crunch last night and my house filled with cinnamon that I can just taste it.

Here are some of my favorites:
Pumpkin Vanilla
Cinnamon Crunch
Toasted Hazelnut
Vanilla Walnut
Cinnamon Toasted Almond
Roasted Almonds
Maple Cinnamon Twist

Sample of a Tea Light Burners

Sample of a Electric Tart Burner

Stop on by and take advantage of this great offer all week long. Soy melts are easy to use. All you need is a tart warmer (Electric or you can use the tea light burners) break off 1 or 2 melts and add i…

10 Healthy Foods for Under $1

I thought I share this with you. These are some great tips for healthy foods under 1.00

When it comes to food, there is a commonly held belief that if it's cheap, it can't possibly be healthy and if it's healthy, it's not going to be cheap. That may be true if we're talking about fresh wild salmon or fresh blueberries purchased in the middle of winter, but there are untold healthy options that are affordable on any budget. Here's a quick grocery list to help you cut food prices while you boost nutrition, and a few recipes, too.

1. Oats. Oats are high in fiber and good for lowering cholesterol. One dollar will buy you breakfast for a week, or give you a good start on oatmeal cookies for a tasty treat. Spend that buck at a store like Whole Foods or Sprouts that offers oats in bulk and your buck will buy even more.

2. Eggs. A buck will get you about six eggs. Bring on the protein-rich egg salad sandwiches!

3. Sweet potatoes. Keep the Swine Flu at bay by eating foods t…

Social Networking Websites

There are so many social networking websites to choose these days. At times I feel like I am caught in a numbers game as to who to join, which one is the best for me and so forth and so on. It boggles my mine that not only are there many new social networking websites but now people are creating them just to be creating them to keep up with the major social websites. I am constantly getting emails to join social groups. It is really getting out of hand. No one I mean no one can keep up with all the websites unless you have no life and spend the majority of your time on the internet all day.

First let's start off with Facebook. Ok I am speaking for myself here. I don't join social networking website because it is the "IN" thing. It's whats everyone is doing at the moment. Facebook will soon be a memory just like Myspace has become. Give it some time. No one ever talks about Myspace anymore. I wonder why? hmmm. I am not a follower of trends. I have my own mind to t…

Labor Day Weekend Sale Plus New Items

Well the summer is supposedly official over during the Labor Day weekend. I have to say I am not sorry to see it go. I am not a fan of the summer and I am so looking forward to the nice cool crisp Fall weather. I love the color changes of the tress and the Fall spirit of drinking warm cider, candy apples, spiced wafers and hot chocolate and Halloween.

This Labor Day weekend, we will have all of our items 15% off now til Monday September 7th. Come by and take advantage of this sale before it is over. Plus if you spend 50.00 or more, get free shipping. Thats right you heard me right. Ok so now you need the discount codes for these savings. Easy peasy just type in "labor09" to take 15% off every item and "freeshipping" to receive free shipping on items 50.00 or more. You can use one or the other but not both. Free shipping of 50.00 or more extends past Labor day so this code can be used anytime. Items must be 50.00 or more excluding the shipping cost. And of course any…