Saturday, August 30, 2008

What's Coming In The Fall

Spiced Carrot Cake Whipped Soap Available Now!

I have been taking a little break from making soap. I am up to my eyeballs in soap. I recently had a HUGE sale on my website a couple of weeks ago which was very successful. I had a lot of my bars really discounted so I can start to move them out. I will do that again after the holidays so everyone can get in on the deal. If you haven't signed up for my newsletter you can go here

I only send about 1-2 newsletters a month depending on how many sales I have running that month. This is just to let you know upcoming sales, and special promotion codes for discounts for our mailing list customers. Keep in mind orders 65.00 or more is FREE SHIPPING at our website

So what is coming up for us in September. Well first I have to say that my birthday is coming up on the 15th and my husbands is the 8th. Yeah go figure. :-) I have so many family members birthdays in September. I use to dread looking forward to my birthdays after I reached 40 but now that I will be 42, it doesn't bother me anymore. I think I am getting better as I get older. Especially that I still look damn good at 42. So you know I really can't complain. I was really feeling bad when I reached 40 but now knowing that I am healthy and doing my own thing, its not so bad. :-)

I still have a few of these left in stock. Awesome Whipped Huckleberry soap. I just love making the Whipped soaps as they are very light and float on water. At our Esty shop you can buy 1 soap and get the second bar for 1/2 off. (while supplies last). Soap can weigh a lot when you start buying more than 2 bars. We can help save you money if you purchase 4-6 bars of soap, you shipping will be 4.90. I can fit up to 6 bars in a Flat Rate envelope. So this way you can save on shipping. So take advantage of that. We all hate paying high shipping cost to ship our items so this is a great day to not pass up.

All of my whipped soaps are made using the Cold Process method. Not melt and pour.

I am working on a new line of Whipped soaps for September. Everyone has asked me for the Monkey Farts and I will have that available soon. Plus Yummy Rum Raisin, Berry Pomergrante, Mango Sage, Rosemary Lavender w/ essential oil. So those are the ones I will concentrate for the fall. They will be really nice size bars. Just waiting for my oils to come in and I will be busy making new bars. I just can't wait to get the Rum Raisin. One of my favorite scents.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Great Etsy Find

What did I find at Etsy that I thought was such a neat idea. Recycled Vinyl records. :-) I know you youngins are like "what are vinyl records" This shop has such awesome stuff that I had to tell you about it.

The shop is called Retired Records What did I find in this shop? Take a look as some of the awesome items I found

Madonna Wine/Beverage Tote Recycled Record Album Cover
Wine/Beverage tote or ReUsable Gift bag

Made from Madonna's first album cover and the sleeve with the lyrics circa 1983. Album cover on front sides and bottom, back is constructed from the album sleeve encased in another transparent album sleeve of wax paper.Strap made from shiny black vinyl recycled belt, measures 30" long and is adjustable.

Tote Measurements are approx. 6 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 3". Large enough to hold two bottles of wine/liquor or four cans of beer.Ideal to take to your favorite BYO restaurant,for a hostess gift or party.

Great gift for a music lover or that cool someone in your life who appreciates recycling.

Check this lovely item out. This is right up my alley for soaps
>Large Soap Dish No. 2- made from Recycled Record Album-Basic Black

New Design for large chunky handmade soaps. Contemporary modern sleek asymmetrical design with a Japanese influence. Looks great in the light, grooves add a subtle texture.

Black soap dish with a slightly curved rectangle top. The curved shelf allows for air to get under the soap to minimize water saturation and sogginess.Measures 6" x 3", mounted on a 3 1/2" curved square base. Both pieces have been riveted together, with 2 silver rivets.All edges have been sanded smooth.

Just Hot!

Retro -GO GREEN- Flower Vintage Wallpaper Cuff recycled vinyl record

Show the world that you recycle with pride, made from 100 percent recycled materials.

Black cuff bracelet made from reclaimed vinyl record, heat shaped and hand sculpted, all edges sanded smooth. Comfortable and lightweight.

Decoupaged with seven different daisy flowers in shades of green and white with small dark brown accents cut from vintage floral 1970's vinyl wallpaper. Flowers have been affixed and sealed with clear coat this is water-resistant.This is not entirely waterproof, don't wear swimming or in the shower.

Measurements:The band is 1 3/4" wide. Total length 10 1/2", Circumference is 2 3/4" across. Will fit small to large sized wrist is fairly flexible and can be worn on wrist or on forearm. Made for left or right arm.

This item is One-of-a-kind.

So when you get the chance stop on over to this lovely shop. There is so much to look at and choose from. This is definitely a Great Esty Find.

Photos and descriptions courtesy of Retired Records

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

800th Sale at Etsy!!!

Oh my how it has taken so long to reach this milestone. All summer it has been so so slow. I am so very happy to have finally reached this point in my shop. I feel like I fell behind and never was able to recover and get back up again. But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

So I want to offer a FREE BAR OF SOAP OF YOUR CHOICE FOR THE 800TH CUSTOMER AT MY ETSY SHOP. Thats right you heard me correctly. This has been a very long and slow summer for me for sales and now that I have finally reached my 800th sale I want to give something back. The economy has been really hard on a lot of people and the recent gas hike has made it even worse. So many foreclosures and people losing their jobs, it has been so tough. But there is always a brighter side of things. I use to always say, "things may seem bleak at the moment but the only way is up again". Sometimes you can't see it at the time when things are bad but there is only way from the bottom and that is up. What would life be like if there was no down side. You wouldn't be able to appreciate the good times if you didn't have the bad times. It makes it so much better to celebrate and not take for granted all the wonderful times. And I have learned that there will always be bad times in your life, its how you deal with it makes it worth living.

Thank you to all my wonderful customers that helped me reach this milestone.



Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One of Etsy's Great Shops

This is one of my favorite shops on Etsy. Why you say? Well because CRAFTYSTEPH has awesome incense. I have bought from her shop many many times and have never been disappointed. When I get my order it is well packaged and she also sends me other scent samples to try which got me coming back from more. Not only does she make lovely incense but other great gifts too.

Take a peek at some of her items in her shop.

20 Hand-dipped Charcoal Incense Sticks with your Choice of Scent

These lovely-scented incense sticks are made to order, fresh just for you - so you know they haven't been sitting on a shelf somewhere!!

I hand dip all incense sticks myself, beginning with the high-quality charcoal incense sticks which burn cleaner than "regular" incense sticks (the punk type), which burn with a more "woodsy" smell. Because we use charcoal, all you get is pure fragrance!

I then soak the incense sticks for 24 hours in an aromatherapy blend of highly-scented oils. Once completely soaked, they are then set out to dry for 2-3 days, until mostly dry. Finally I package them in re-closable ziplock bags, and label them for you.

My favorite is Raspberry Sage and Nag Champa :-)

Wood and Tiger's Eye Necklace and Earring Set

This is a simply gorgeous, handmade, one-of-a-kind piece of Jewelry. It comes with necklace and matching earrings.

The necklace measures approximately 18" (46 cm) in length but has an adjustable chain so you can make it slightly shorter if you need to.

The necklace was created using alternating large, brilliant wooden beads with smaller genuine Red Tiger's Eye disc beads in between the larger wooden beads. These are very high quality genuine Red Tiger's Eye beads.

At the middle of the necklace hangs a gorgeous carved LARGE Tiger-Spotted Cowry Seashell. The shell itself measures approx 2.25" long and 2" wide and is hollow on the back side. It is carved with the most gorgeous grasses/flowers. The Cowry shell is surrounded on both sides with 3 smaller Tiger's Eye disc beads which match the surrounding wood beads perfectly.

This set also comes with a pair of matching earrings. The earrings were created with a small gold spacer bead at the bottom, followed by a small Tiger's Eye disc-shaped bead, then a round Tiger's Eye bead, another Tiger's Eye disc, then finally another small gold bead. Goes fabulously with the necklace!! The earrings measure approx. 1" long.

Lets hear a little about CraftySteph

I'm a 29 year old woman, happily married to a wonderful man in a small but cozy house in rural Missouri. On Etsy, and in some other places online, I'm called "CraftySteph", which is an online nickname I chose due to my love of all crafts, not just one specific craft. And of course, my first name is Stephanie. Of all crafts, I believe my favorite craft is to make hand-dipped incense from charcoal incense sticks and cones. I started making incense due to my love of all kinds of incense.

I sell my incense in my online store at, but I also make other handmade crafts - some of my crafting passions include crochet, knitting, sewing, jewelry-making, beading and much more. All of my other handcrafted items can be found in my Etsy store at Crafting is so liberating and therapeutic to me, so I really enjoy the opportunity to broaden my horizons through various artistic mediums.

Thank you CraftySteph for allowing me to feature you this week on my blog. I will be seeing you soon for more incense. :-)

photos courtesy of Craftysteph