Monday, June 30, 2008

Moving Update!

As most of you know that we have been in the process of buying a new home. I swear if I have to go through this again I will just literally hang myself. The process of buying a new home really takes its toll on you. I mean seriously. Why can't things go as smoothly? Why do they make it so damn complicated? We have a small set back and our closing date which was scheduled for Friday June 27th. We planned on moving on Saturday June 28th but we are still in our old home :-( All packed up and no place to go.

We had to temporarily postpone the closing due to reasons that were not ours. The issues were not with us and we have the money all ready and waiting to go to closing. We had to literally cancel all of the utilities, cable, phone service and moving because of this. Our moving company is so accommodating with us that we will not lose our deposit and they have been so cool about it. I guess this happens and are prepared for it. I have to give props to our moving company Carmack Moving and Storage. Our representative Bryce has been the best and has really been working with us. A big thanks to Bryce Dickenson.

This is so fustrating because we have spent the past 3 weeks preparing for this day and to have it delayed is working my nerves to no end. I swear I feel like I aged 10 yrs going through this process. But I am praying that things work itself out very soon and we can get on with our new home. We had our final walk through on Friday to see if the builder had repaired any of the small things that needed fixing from the first walk through on June 9th. Everything looked fine and the house was perfect.

I am just thankful that our move is not pending upon the sale of our current home or we would be in deep do doo right now. We pray that things get moving along very soon. LOL

UPDATE JUNE 30, 2008

Well it has been finalized and we officially own the house. We closed today! So thankful that this didn't drag on for another week. It was only an extra day so we are very pleased that it is now over and we can move on and into our new home. I want to thank everyone for their support and hope to be back up and running in July when we finally get settled.

Many hugs


Monday, June 23, 2008

We Donate

In the past few weeks ago, we have been packing for our move and pretty much going through our home with a fine tooth comb.I have to say it is very time consuming and seeing all the things that we just don't have the need for anymore. I am pretty sure you have the same things in your home too that you just don't realize.

We have thrown away useless items that we feel that is just basically trash. But we have also had mounds of bags full of items and things that we felt that would be good for those that may want them. We donated so much stuff in the past 4 weeks that we could furnish a small apartment. We have donated everything from computer monitors, keyboards, clothing (good clothing), books (a box full), shoes, towels sheets, picture frames and so much more. I have recently seen on one of our local news programs of how so many people were giving to Goodwill really crappy stuff. I mean stuff that no one will ever in a million years want to buy or have in their homes. Sofas that were stained, luggage that was so badly used that they have to throw away. How can anyone donate merchandise that was in such poor condition that Goodwill literally have to throw away. They spend 10,000 a month just disposing of merchandise that is donated that is literally trash. I couldn't believe some of the stuff I was seeing on this new segment. Before we ever consider donating our stuff, we always say "is this in good condition or is this just trash". We never give to Goodwill stuff that is in such poor condition.

Although we love giving to Goodwill and to the Salvation Army. Sometimes they do charge way too much for used and donated clothing and items. Sometimes they charge so much that you can get the same items new at Walmart. So sometimes you can find great finds and bargains at these types of stores and at other times they just cost way too much for used merchandise. There is another alternative to getting great deals from people that are just willing to give for free. It is called

What is it is made up of 4,523 groups with 5,342,000 members across the globe. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by a local volunteer (them's good people). Membership is free. To sign up, find your community by entering it into the search box above or by clicking on “Browse Groups” above the search box. Have fun!

I myself have signed up for a local group in my area and it is great. I get emails every day from the group of people that are willing to offer good merchandise for free. No catch just submit that you want it and there is a chance you may get it. All you have to do is just reply to it and if they choose you from among many that reply, all you have to do is pick it up from them. Thats it. No fees, totally free from giving people. I myself have listed many items that we just didn't find the need to have anymore that maybe someones can use. And it has worked out very good. I am satisfied that is not thrown away, or giving to Goodwill where they will charge an arm a leg and two hands to sell to someone that may really need it. A great way to donate your items.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Week For Soap Sale!!!

Come on over and get your soap fix on!!! Buy one soap get the second for 1/2 off! Plus we combine shipping so shipping will be cheaper. And if you buy 4-6 bars of soap, your shipping will be $4.90!!

All of our soaps are made from scratch using quality oils such as,

coconut oil, palm oils, almond oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, safflower oil, soybean oils, castor oil.

We use only quality fragrance and essential oils in our soaps so you know you will be getting the very best that is out there. Our soaps have great lather and great for your skin.

Stop by my Etsy shop and our Website for you soaps fix today! Our last order will be taken on June 22, 2008 so after that no orders will be taken til July 7th after when we return.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Our New Home

We just had our first walk through with our new home!! What is a walk through? Well since we are buying directly from the builder and the home is only 6-8 months old and brand new, the builders get to go through the home with us to see if there is any flaws or anything that may need to be fixed prior to settlement. These things get documented and fixed upon closing date. The day of closing, we get to do another walk through to see if the items that were marked are fixed and taken care of.

Plus during our first walk through, the builders have the chance to show us how things work in the house and about any special features of the home. I have to say we were quite overwhelmed mainly because we have been in the several times prior to the walk through and never realized all the little things we missed. :-)

This is the front full view of the house. It is a 3 level town home in the wonderful area of Bristow VA. So are we excited HELL YES! Between everything that needs to be done there never seems to be enough hours in the day and the weeks are just flying by so quickly. I will be glad we just get settled in. I have to pretty much put my products on hold as I can't devote much time to it at the moment.

This is the front entrance into our home. I just love the wood floors. Very high ceilings and the kitchen area is toward the back first floor.

This home is perfect to fit us. If you lived in our area, you would know that single family homes are extremely expensive in our area since we are in the burbs of DC. Plus a single family home is not what we wanted.This home is more than TWICE the size of what we have now. We both HATE dealing with YARD WORK!!! I really really hate doing it, my husband really hates doing it, and together we both REALLY HATE doing it. LOL. I come to believe that we are the minorities when it comes to the love of maintaining the yard and grass. WE both just can't stand it. So for us having a single family home was definitely out of the question. (I am getting a headache just thinking of cutting grass ) sighs!

I am so happy to know that we have minimal grass to cut and very little plants to attend to.

Thanks for letting me share our new home photos :-)


Monday, June 9, 2008

The Soap Biz Family & Friends

We all have family, friends, co workers that are in our lives everyday. I consider myself a Artist of soapmaking. I take my products and my work very seriously. I have worked so hard over the years to perfect my craft. Learning, reading, trial and error has made me the person I am today. If you were to ask me 10yrs ago would I consider making soap and starting my own online business, I would have thought you were crazy. I was in a high stressful job and didn't see anyway out of it. Now I love doing something I love and no one seems to appreciate all the love and devotion I put into my craft. My husband always pats me on the back and tells me that he is so proud of me and all my accomplishments. I did everything on my own with some help from him because I wanted to do it on my own. I wanted to see what I can actually do. My husband was always available to lend me a hand whenever I needed it. I learned HTML, learned how to create a website, did my shopping cart on my own, learned how to order products and ingredients, learned how to make soap on my own coming from Melt and Pour ready made soap base. It was a serious challenge for me.

So I say this because my family nor my friends (not that I have any friends) never ask me about my business. Never say "hey how is your business going"? Or what are you making this week. NEVER! My twin brother never asks me about my business at all unless he wants something. My sister-in-law is nice but she really hasn't really showed much interest either. We aren't close either and have pretty much nothing in common so I can probably understand her not showing much interest in what I do. I have a older brother that NEVER asks about my business or my life pretty much. I don't talk to my sister nor my father so they never ask. My mom is great but she never really gets to involved in what I do unless she wants me to send her something. I can tell she is not really interested because soon as I start talking about anything soap related, she gets this glazed look in her eyes. Its almost like when men come home and talk about their day at work and wives get this this "Oh no he is talking about this boring job again" look on their face. I can always tell when she is not interested so I don't bring it up to her anymore. So all I am left with is my dear husband and my son. I don't get it. No I don't want to assume they want freebies all the time but at least ask me about it, or show some interest even if you really don't care about what I do. If anything I thought my family would be more supportive but they just don't really care one way or the other about my soap business. And even if they did inquire about it, the comment is "how is your little soapy thing going?" or something to that nature. I work too hard at making my soap, and my bath products to just hand over whenever anyone wants it. I don't mind giving away free items if it is in the trial stage of testing but they don't bother unless I have something to give. It use to bother me but my attitude is "oh well".

I can't let this bring me down but it just makes me wonder where is the support of family? Don't get me wrong, I love my family dearly but they just don't really give a rats ass in what I do. Which is fine. Now the question is, are they suppose to show interest in my business ventures? Are they suppose to care what I do? The answer is NO not really but family is suppose to stick together and support each other whether they like what you do or not. I know at times family and siblings tend to compete with each other and may result in a lot of resentment and jealousy when one is doing better than the other. But in my case, it is not about competing, its not about making a lot of money and throwing it in their face to show off, its about finding myself, something in my life that I really enjoy doing and being good at it and wanting acknowledgment from family. Even pat on a the back for doing a good job and showing that they at least support my efforts even if they could careless as to what I am doing with my life. I have finally found something in my life that I am actually good at doing and happy for making the change. All my life I just went from job to job trying to find what it is I am actually good at doing. Yes I can do alot of things and do well at many of the jobs in the past but was I happy doing it? NO I wasn't. I was there just to pay the bills and take care of my son because I had to. We all have to.

I guess when you see it from my perspective, my family is pretty much distant and not very close family to give the support.


Monday, June 2, 2008

New Featured Etsy Seller

I have one word to describe this new Etsy seller, and that is WOW. I ran across this Etsy seller a few months ago and just recently discovered it again.

What is this new seller? Reborn Treasures This shop has the most amazing life like dolls I have ever seen. So precious and adorable and very affordable. They are so life like I can't stop looking at them. You just want to pick them up and cuddle the little darlings.

Lets take a look at some of the little ones at Reborn Treasures.

Details at a glance... painted with genesis heat set paints in many many layers of my own special blend to give his skin depth & realism
... length 20 inches
... brown real eyes
... quarter limbs
... painted on hair & eyebrows
... his nose is opened & backed with dark felt to give it depth
... nails tipped & sealed
... disk jointed cloth body
... filled with poly pellots, sterile blue play sand & fiberfil to a weight of 3 pounds 6 ounces.
... hand applied eyelashes

He is 17 inches long & weighs 1 pound 14 ounces. He has been painted with genesis heat set paints in my own special blend of colors that were applied in many many thin layers to give his skin depth & realism. This takes many days to accomplish that real skin look. I then add a matte varnish to protect him. His hair has been micro rooted with a tiny felting needle that inserts 1-2 hairs at a time as have his eyelashes. This process takes many many hours but so worth it in the end. It actually looks like it's growing right out of his scalp.

This little one started out as a vinyl secrist Acorn kit. I have decided to make this kit a girl but she can be changed into a boy with just a change of clothes.. Everything used on this baby is non toxic. She is 22 inches long & weighs 3 pounds 11 ounces.She has been painted with genesis heat set paints in my own special blend of colors that were applied in many many thin layers to give her skin depth & realism. This takes many days to accomplish that real skin look. I then add a matte varnish to protect her.

►Just beautiful!!! I love these little ones. Let see how Reborn Treasures got started :-)

My name is Connie & I live in Ontario Canada. I am a SAHM to 2 beautiful boys who loves to make reborn dolls in my spare time.I have been making these like like reborn dolls since July 05.

I first came across these amazing dolls while looking on Ebay. They were so expensive that after buying a few I thought I'd try to make them myself. It has been an never ending learning process that I enjoy so much.It even amazes me as to what these babies will look like when completed. I keep up on all the latest techniques by belonging to doll groups. There are many kits out there to reborn along with regular play dolls.

Many hours of work & patience go into making a reborn doll. I offer my babies for sale at the lowest price possible in hopes that everyone can afford one.

If you'd like to see & learn more about my babies please visit my Etsy shop at

I'd like to humbly thank Michelle for giving me a spot in her blog.

I would like to thank Reborn Treasures for allowing me to feature her beautiful life like babies and permission to use her photos and descriptions. Please keep up the great work.