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June Is Fast Approaching!!!

As some of you may know that we are moving the end of the June and so much needs to be done. It is very hard to keep track of orders and prepare to move at the same time. As of June 1st, both the website and the Etsy shop will only have the soaps available for purchase. Why is this so? Well I make most of the other products from scratch, the lotions, Bath Bombs, Silky Body Powder, Perfume Spray, the scrubs etc etc. The ingredients to make these items need to be put away for the move and it will be hard to make the other products and try to pack them at the same time. I will of course have a huge soap sale during the month of June. The last week in June I will be closing til the second week in July so we can prepare for the closing date, moving and trying to get settled in our new home. So much has to be done between then and now. We are moving from one house to the another large house. The weeks seem to be moving so fast and there is just never enough time for anything. :-)


What Does Memorial Day Mean For You?

What does Memorial Day mean for you? A 3 day weekend to relax and barbeque and be with family and friends? Especially since the gas prices are at a all time high, who wants to go anywhere. Do you hang out in the malls, do a little shopping that day? Perhaps see a movie like Indiana Jones that is out this weekend? It always feels great to enjoy that extra day off to relax and do what you want, but for some people, this holiday is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. A day to reflect how their lives have impacted our lives today. Freedom isn't free and someone had to die to have the freedoms we have today.

Many Americans nowadays have forgotten the meaning and traditions of Memorial Day. At many cemeteries, the graves of the fallen are increasingly ignored, neglected. Most people no longer remember the proper flag etiquette for the day. While there are towns and cities that still hold Memorial Day parades, many have not held a parade in decades. …

New Choices for Deodorants

I have been selling my naturally made deodorants now since the beginning of Sept 07 and they have done very well. Because of the natural ingredients in the deodorants, they have done very well for some and not so well for others so they have been a hit or miss. Some really like the natural ingredients in the deodorants as for some they don't work that great. Some of my customers have preferred to use fragrance oils as a scent as others have chosen essential oils which in my opinion are more effective than the body safe fragrance oils. So I have said before that they work wonders for some customers and are very pleased with this type of deodorants. I have specified before that not EVERYONE will have the same body chemistry for these deodorants. It is the same with store bought deodorants. I noticed that I have tried many over the counter deodorants and have always come back to using Secret. I myself started to use these deodorants and have worked very well for me in cutting odor b…

Update On The House

Well everything is pretty much finished. We got our mortgage straightened out and we are all set. We have spent the last two weeks trying to decide on which mortgage lender to go with and we needed to get that straight before settlement. So everything is good to go. Now being that our home is only 6 months old and new we have to do a walk through on June 9th where we get to go over the house with a fine tooth comb and check everything. Even if there is a crack here or there they have to fix it because the home is never been occupied so the builder has to fix whatever is wrong with it. Plus we have a 2yr warranty on the little things and a 10 yr warranty on the large things (such as roof, plumbing, electrical etc) so that gives us some peace of mind. So June is right around the corner and I am no where near getting my current home ready. I told my husband that I hope we don't plan on moving again no time soon because I think I aged 5yrs from all the stress. LOL


Thats right we are having our Super Soap Sale again this week at our Etsy shop. We like to do this from time to time for those who haven't tried our soaps, or for past customers to stock up on their favorites. Don't pass up your opportunity to catch a great deal. If you haven't tried our soaps yet, then here is your chance. Sales ends Saturday May 17th Midnight EST.

If you haven't subscribe to our newsletter, you may have known we are having a similar soap sale at our website. Buy 2 or more soaps and take $1.00 off. Buy 4-6 soaps and your shipping will be Flat Rate of $4.90


Great News!!!!!

Wow words can not express how I am feeling right now. Yesterday was Mother's Day and a very memorable one at that. My husband and I have been looking at homes for about 2 weeks and we really only been to maybe two locations. One here in our town and one about 2 miles outside our town. Well last Saturday (May 3, 2008) we stumbled upon a community of homes called Victory Lakes. It is about 2 miles west of my town so very close by. And we looked at 3 homes that they only had left for sale. Well after seeing the first 2 we were like WOW and then we finally got to the last of the three and said " this is it". We were in awe over how large this house was and the high ceilings it had. The kitchen took up the majority of the first floor. The house is a 3 story townhome with 3 bedrooms, a office, and 2 1/2 baths, 2 detached car garage, gas fireplace in the kitchen a separate laundry room on the second level near the master bedroom, a huge family room on the third level and lots a…

Happy Mother's Day May 11, 2008

I would first like to wish all the wonderful moms a Happy Mother's Day. What does Mother's Day mean to me? I am very proud that I am a mother to a wonderful hard working young man. He had many struggles in his life growing up as a child with learning disabilities and he still struggles everyday but he manages to surprise me every single day. I have said to myself "I did good raising him" despite raising him alone as a single parent. He is so very independent, bright and cheerful young man and so dedicated to proving everyone wrong that he can make it on his own and he has. It makes me swell with pride to know that I raised my son to not to depend on anyone and he has to make his own way in life no matter how hard the struggle is. He is the best and many hugs to you Joe.

My mom is the best too. Although my mom has raised us literally by herself I have learned from the best. She did the best she could with what she had and we have had some great childhood memories as a …

What Do People Expect?

I just received a convo from a potential customer from Brazil today asking me about a few product and the shipping cost to ship to Brazil. I kindly sent her a response telling her how much it will cost for these items to be shipped to their country. Well I was basically asked if I can lower the price of the shipping because they thought it was TOO high. I was like "what"? She basically told me that I raised my prices because she is in Brazil. Ok I have NEVER been accused of jacking up my prices to my international buyers. I don't ship to some countries many because of the high shipping cost. I have never been called a liar and I treat all my customer (no matter where they are from) with the same respect and courtesy. I mean come on Brazil is not exactly next door and will cost a little more. This is one of the reasons I do not list other international countries in my Etsy shop because of the high shipping rates, except for Canada which is pretty cheap to ship.

As much as…

New To The Shop In May

First I like to say that although April was a bit slow for me in sales I still had some wonderful repeat customer that are my best and loyal customers and thank you to all of my new found customers that took the chance on my shop and liked my products. :-)

Feature of the Month
Foaming Milk Baths

Now what did we change and what did we bring into the shop for May. Ok first we did change the packaging for the Milk Baths. These are one of my best items that I have in my shop that I truly love and they weren't getting the attention they deserve. So my husband thought that maybe they needed a little makeover and I agreed. So I wanted to put them in something that would stand out. So I saw these bottles on a website that I frequent often but they had them in glass. I am not a glass person and I know these would not last long if they were shipped or used by the customer. So glass was pretty much out of the question. So I look around for these and didn't find the size bottles I wanted but…