Monday, March 31, 2008

New Featured Etsy Seller

I have met some really awesome Etsy sellers on Etsy this past year and since I have been featuring some of them, brings me so much joy to show others what Etsy sellers have to offer. I met this Etsy seller on the sites chat room and was so intrigued by their shop that I asked them if they would like to be features this blog.

The shop is called MnMTreasures Below are some of the fabulous items they have in their shop. :-)

Cat-Mouse Tic-Tac-Toe Wooden Game and Wall Hanging

This is the last one we have left, so it is really one of a kind!

This adorable Cat-Mouse Tic-Tac-Toe game makes a unique gift. It is functional as either a game and wall hanging. Comes with the Cat game board along with 5 cat and 5 mice playing pieces.The game board is approximately 10" wide and 19" tall.

Apple 2 Collapsible Wood Basket-Trivet makes a Unique, Amazing Gift

Each of these clever handcrafted treasures ships/stores flat and serves as a Trivet (hot plate). Then when you want the basket, the Trivet cleverly folds open to become a standing basket.

We cut each basket out of a single piece of select solid Oak using a band saw. Each basket has been beautifully finished with Danish Oil to withstand heat. This magnificent centerpiece gift has a wide range of uses.

This Apple2 basket measures approximately 8.5" wide, 11" tall and .75" deep when 'folded' flat. (Decorative candy and display fruit inside basket not included)

Jada Belt Buckle 003 - Bring new life to those old jeans

Bring new life to those old jeans!!! This multicolored belt buckle will bring a new look to any outfit. Hand embellished with colorful glass. Metal belt buckle measures 3.75" x 2.75". Fits any 1.5" snap belt (not included).

Oval Shape Collapsible Wood Basket-Trivet makes a Unique, Amazing Gift

This Oval Shape basket measures approximately 10" wide, 6.5" tall and .75" deep when 'folded' flat. (Candy & display Apples not included)

Who are MnMTreasures? Lets find out who they are and how they got started. :-)

MnM Treasures

Michele and Mike are the wife “n” husband team of MnM Treasures. We both love to make unique, functional gifts that are great for any occasion and will be appreciated for years to come! We had a lot of fun and success selling our handcrafted treasures at craft shows until we took 10 years off to start raising our 5 children - ages 5 to 12. We are now proud to be able to offer our treasures online to the world with Etsy from our home located in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

Our pride and joy is our selection of Collapsible Baskets, each handcrafted from a single piece of oak wood. These amazing gifts lay flat to serve as a trivet (hot plate), and then cleverly fold open to become a standing basket that can be filled with candy, potpourri, soaps, dried flowers…use your imagination! The original 5 shapes have grown into one of the largest selections of collapsible baskets in the United States with over 40 shapes and sizes. Many were originally custom orders from our craft show customers that have been added to our collection. From designing to selecting the wood to cutting, sanding and finishing, each basket is truly a labor of love and creativity.

In addition, our Etsy store includes the "Jada Belts" line of unique handcrafted belt buckles which make distinctive belts for women and girls with style. In between all of the children’s activities, Michele somehow finds time to create these unique mosaic belt buckles that can bring new life to those old jeans! Please visit us soon at:

>>>>Photos and description courtesy of MnMTreasures
Thank you for allowing me to feature your wonderful shop!

More New Soaps are Available

I have been concentrating more on my soaps then my other products as my soaps are important to me because this is where I started from the beginning making soap. Soap sales are very slow compared to my other products so I am going to focus on making more great soap.

First on my list is the Blue Mountain Soap. This is made from scratch using the cold process method. Made with great oils and wonderful creamy lather. This was my first real attempt at creating swirls in my soap. I am a not a swirly type soap person and prefer not to have much but it seems that people like having fancy colors and swirls in their soaps. After attempting this, I was very satisfied with the results as I am not very good at swirling colors.

Second on the list is my Coconut Lime Verbena. I have been getting a lot of request for this scent so I made it into a soap. I do not have this listed as one of my scents but I did buy this fragrance just for making the soap with. I am not a lime person but after smelling this scent, I fell in love. It is just heavenly. The soap had cured for 6 weeks and is definitely ready for use. During the curing process the soap developed some brown spots on the back of the soap. Where this came from, I have no idea. It may have developed during the gel process, which is the heating of the soap. But all is good and this does not affect the quality of the soap so I have discounted the soap.

Last but not least is my Unscented Clay Shaving Soap. Many people have a sensitivity to fragrance and essential oils so I created a soap that has no color or fragrance. Many of my customers have requested this type of soap so I hope this will be pleasing to those target customers. I have added Benonite clay to this soap which gives it such a soft and silky feel to it. This can be used for shaving as well because of the soft silky feeling it has and the awesome lather.

All of these soaps can be found at our Etsy shop and at our Website. Stop by and take a look :-)

Monday, March 24, 2008

New Featured Whipped Soaps

I have a new featured soap this week. Spiced Carrot Cake Whipped Soap. Fantastic lather, great scent, and absolutely great bar of soap. I have been getting many request from other sellers on how to make this. Yes the soap is very intriguing and I know there are so many people curious about making it. It wasn't easy for me at first but with practice I managed to come up with my own unique style of making them.

In case you have missed the others in my line of Whipped Soaps, this one is one of my favorites too. Huckleberry Whipped Soap. This is featured in my banner at the top. On the top of the soap is scented sprinkles of sugar. A nice touch and a little exfoliant.

This soap is called Tropical Summer. I like this one as it has a combination of different fruit blends. It reminds me of laying on a beach drinking a fruity drink. Lovely scent for the Spring and Summer time and loads of lather. And yes it floats in the water too.

Another favorite of mine. This is called Love Spell(VS Type) Whipped Soap. This was my second batch of Whipped soap that I was able to complete with no drama. LOL. I love the scent of this soap. It is one of my favorite scent from Victoria Secret. The blocks may look small but they are actually the same weight as the other soaps that are listed. It weighs approx 4-4.5 oz. Very light and creamy with loads of lather as well.

This is called Monkey Farts. Yes I know the name is funny. But that is the name of the scent, so I decided to just give it that name. Monkey Farts is a nice caribbean scent, very light and fragrant. I get a lot of requests for this scent so I made it into one of my favorite Whipped Soaps. This was actually my first successful whipped soap batch. :-)

I hope you get the chance to try one of these wonderful soaps. They are made from scratch and are good for your skin. Yes they are made from scratch. Not melt and pour. If you want to try on of these fabulous soaps, stop by my Etsy shop or Pegasus Handmade Soap Website for more info and price. I ship M-F sometimes Saturday so you items will get to you fast.

I must give my banner maker her day in the spotlight. She was so kind as to make me a banner exactly the way I wanted it. Very creative and a eye for design. She is located at Etsy too can her shop is called Craftysteph. Thank you for all your work on my banner.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Why yes there is another featured seller this week. A new and upcoming shop at Etsy. FireDancer Designs

FireDancer Designs has cards that are one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork, many of them created from their original block prints. Also, if handmade paper is a part of the card, it is paper they have made from recycled materials.

Lets take a look at some of what FireDancer Designs has to offer.

A piece of handmade paper has been embedded into a vanilla scented pillar candle. When it is lit, a beautiful glow is created, highlighting the leaves in the paper. The candle stands 3 inches tall and is 3 inches wide. It comes wrapped with raffia and adorned with a natural wooden bead.

Let your friends know you are thinking of them by sending them one of these beautiful sewn cards. Each card has a piece of handmade paper sewn onto it with white thread. The handmade paper has flecks of pink flowers in it. Cards measure 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches. The light pink card also has lace-like handmade paper sewn under it giving it a whispy look.

This image really started it all, she is the first thing I ever carved and printed, in fact I used the original so many times I had to create a new one and this is the result! She is printed in black ink on a sheet of burnt orange and a sheet of bright blue acid-free cardstock. Images come unmounted and ready to be framed or added as an embellishment to nearly anything. The image measures 4 x 6 inches on sheets measuring 6 x 9 inches.

Lets hear what FireDancer Designs says about herself:

Being a new stay at home mom I had to find something that would be a creative outlet for me, as well as a possible source of income, this is what lead me to opening FireDancer Designs.
My name is Kimberly; I am 26 years old and live in Dayton, Ohio with my wonderful husband, our amazing 6 month old son, and our slightly neurotic beagle. For as long as I can remember crafting has been a part of my life. I get it from my parents; my mom is always baking, or crafting, and my dad is a draftsman and woodworker.

The style of the items in my Etsy shop is simple and natural. I enjoy creating handmade paper, original block prints, note cards and experimenting with all kinds of art materials. Block-printing and papermaking were techniques I learned while working at an art supply store and I love how unpredictable they can be; you never really know what the print or sheet is going to end up looking like. Every print or sheet is unique and special.

One of my most shining moments on Etsy is when I found one of my creations in someone’s Treasury – that made me feel as good as if I had sold something! Even though I am still in search of the elusive first sale, my advice for fellow Etsians is to stay optimistic and don’t get down on yourself if you don’t sell something in the first week, or first month, just keep creating, listing and promoting.

FireDancer Designs can be found at
Myspace, Flicker, and Indiepublic.

Also Etsy has become a family affair, my mom’s shop is Sweets On Sticks and my dad’s is Creations In Wood.

So please take some time and stop past Fire Dancer Designs, Comments are most welcomed and it was a pleasure featuring this new up can coming Etsy shop

What New at Pegasus Handmade Soaps?

Well I have been working hard to update my website. I have totally redesigned it. You have no idea unless you have a website and do all of the designing and arranging how much time it takes to do. Now that I have pretty much finished the colors schemes, rearranging, adding and deleting. Now I am working on new and improved labels. Now that I use waterproof labels I wanted a more professional looking label. I am happy with these for now but I know how I am, I probably will change them again, but no time soon as I have to retake all the products and that is soooooo time consuming as well. As I don't keep my products on shelves because I do not use preservatives in most of my products, I have what you call "demo" items just for photo taking. So I have a shelf just for those. I have to relabel all of them and then off to take the photos. I am the worse photo taker. I am not very good at it so I pretty much stick with the solid white background without setting up shots with all the extra stuff in the background. This way it displays the items without all the other distractions to take away from the products.

I wanted to post a pic of it but nowadays with photoshop and paintshop pro, I don't want anyone to copy it. Its so easy now to copy items off the web without the right click hold feature. I will post a picture of the actual label on one of the products soon.

So stop pass my website for the new look. I love the new look as it as not as dark as the last one. Pegasus Handmade Soaps

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Featured Etsy Seller

New featured seller for the week. Up and coming Etsy shop called Precious Memories This seller has only been on Etsy for a short while and wanted to give this shop some much needed attention. Great products and such a lovely person.

Here are a few samples of what Precious Memories have to offer:

This SAMPLE set is shown on regular card stock. Your invitations, rsvp, and thank you cards will be printed on luxe (textured, expensive) cream, white, or beige paper. This paper is made of 25% cotton. Pieces are then accented with coordinating brown/teal/beige ribbon and backed with heavy brown (or your color of choice) cardstock. All invitations also come with matching envelopes.

These elegant greeting cards can be perfect for any occasion or even just to say hello.

Dark purple background, Floral designed paper, and an beautiful off white ribbon. These card are the standard A2 size and are ready for you to personalize the insides!

This is a pack of 4 custom cards, each comes with it's own envelope.

This is a set of ten flat cards. These cards can be used for any occasion, or even just a note to say hello! They come with envelopes and measure aprox. 5x7.

They are hand stamped on off white card stock and backed with heavy navy blue card stock.

A personal message from Precious Memories:

My name is Andrea and I am currently a student, majoring in Exercise Science and Psychology. But when I put my schoolwork to the side, crafting is my passion! My mom is my inspiration. She has taught me everything I know about crafting. I started scrapbooking about 6 years ago, making scrapbooks for myself and as presents for my closest friends. I heard about Etsy through a friend and I immediately saw it as a turning point for my scrapbooking. I loved the idea that I could turn my hobbie into a business.

Soon after I got started on etsy, I began making handmade greeting cards and invitaions. Now I cannot get enough of etsy and of crafting. Every spare minute, I find myself thinking of new and unique creations! I love what I do and I especially love custom orders. I love sending cards to my family and friends and I know everyone loves to recieve mail!

Precious Memories is my way of sharing my paper skills with the world. I hope that everyone enjoys my work, as I put all of my heart and soul into it.

If you mention Michelle's (Pegasus Handmade Soaps) blog in a convo to me, I will give you 10% of ANY item in my shop. Just make sure to send me a message before you purchase an item!


I also have a blog:

Please take some time and visit this lovely shop. I wish them much success in the future.

>>>> Photos and descriptions courtesy of Precious Memories

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Featured New Seller on Etsy

I was browsing through my hearted items and shops at Etsy and saw this unique shop. I had to feature it because they have some wonderful silky flower arrangements.

The shop that I want to feature this week is Everafter Florals. They have a wide assortment of silk floral decor for weddings, home or office, special events, parties, holidays, baby showers and more. They also do Custom orders of any size and for all occasions or just for you. I love their floral arrangements and the photos are so well done. I had to let everyone know about this wonderful new shop that just popped up on Etsy.

Here are just a few of what they have in their Etsy Shop.

This is First Love Wedding Bouquet. Stunning! Beautiful light pink and white silk roses are accented with a white lace collar.

Classic Round Silk Bridal Bouquet. Handcrafted on a white plastic holder, the white lace collar adds a touch of elegance.

One of my favorites is this elegant design is loaded with roses! It has 7 large open roses 1 small open rose and 1 rosebud.

The best part about these floral arrangements is that they will last a lot longer than the real deal. Just absolutely beautiful shop at Etsy, so please stop by and take a look at their beautiful floral arrangements.

>>>>>Photos and descriptions courtesy of Everafter Florals

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Etsy On Martha Stewart

Well if you haven't heard of Etsy, you should by now. The founder of Etsy Rob was on Martha Stewart showcase some of Ety's finest Sellers. This is a great boost for Etsy since there are so many people that still don't know about this marketplace. I still run into people and I tell them I have a shop here and they say "what is Etsy?" Even some of my family members never heard of Etsy.

And of course I have to mention my lovely Etsy shop of handmade soaps and goodies too. Gosh I sure would have loved to have my products feature LOL.

Rob was on Etsy February 29th, 2008 to showcase items from Etsy sellers. Did you miss it? Here is a clip of the segment of the show.

courtesy of mothtoflame

Go Etsy