Thursday, January 31, 2008

How did I get my name?

Isn't that a beautiful picture? Well lets see. I have always had a fascination with the winged white horse called the Pegasus. It is derived from Greek mythology. It is such a beautiful horse and I remember as a teenager reading about Greek mythology and reading about the Pegasus is how I fell in love with it. I use to have a beautiful Pegasus figurine that I treasured from a garage sale that I was at and it had broken to little pieces. I loved this figurine. I said to myself that if I died, I would love to be taken to heaven on a beautiful white horse with wings. What a way to go! :-) So this is how I decided the name my business Pegasus Handmade Soaps. My soaps will take you to heaven :-)

Here is some other information on the Pegasus.

In Greek mythology, Pegasus is the winged horse that was fathered by Poseidon with Medusa. When her head was cut of by the Greek hero Perseus, the horse sprang forth from her pregnant body. His galloping created the well Hippocrene on the Helicon (a mountain in Boeotia).

When the horse was drinking from the well Pirene on the Acrocotinth, Bellerophon's fortress, the Corinthian hero was able to capture the horse by using a golden bridle, a gift from Athena. The gods then gave him Pegasus for killing the monster Chimera but when he attempted to mount the horse it threw him off and rose to the heavens, where it became a constellation (north of the ecliptic).

In another version, Bellerophon killed the Chimera while riding on Pegasus, and when he later attempted to ride to the summit of Mount Olympus, Zeus sent a gadfly to sting the horse, and it threw Bellerophon off its back.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Just listed some new items

I should have had these up a least a week ago but you know, not enough time in the day but better late then never.

What is first on the list of new items. More new soaps. Yes I am a soapaholic. I have made several batches late last month and are now ready to be listed. And yes the Caramel Egg Nog will be back up again. I actually love this soap myself and it was a big hit. I think it was my best selling soap and I want to thank everyone that bought it and enjoyed it. I will have several more soaps listed early next month.

This new soap is Earthy Spice. It has a unique blend of Patchouli, Clove, Sandalwood and a hint of vanilla. I love love love the way this smells. This is a excellent soap for men. Men prefer a much manly smelling scent and this Earthy Spice is great. Not only is it great for men but for anyone who prefers that a little spice in your life.

This soap is called Indian Healing. Don't know why but just thought with all the essential oils and lemongrass that it would be fitting to use this name. Indians have been known for using herbs for healing so why not. This has a little color added to this and the all the wonderful essential oils rolled up in one. I used a combination of Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, and Sage to this soap and a touch of lemongrass. This soap has excellent lather power and is one of my favorites.

Last but certainly not least, the new Yogurt Moisturizing Cream. This is a light to medium cream with added Shea and Aloe butter. I thought adding the shea and aloe butter will give this cream some awesome power! LOL I love how this cream feel on my skin and how it hydrates it. I use it before I go to bed and my skin feels so wonderful in the morning. This will be adding to the list of samples you can try. I haven't added it yet but it will be available to sample. And the great thing about this, you can have it scented to you liking.

Everything will be added to the website soon. All of these new items are currently listed on Etsy Come by and check them out.


Never Enough Time

Why does it never seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything? Sometimes I get so stressed out because there just never seems to be enough time for anything anymore. I feel I need to step back and smell the roses. Between all the work I put in, making soaps, photos, and now having some items on Ebay, cooking, cleaning, car maintenance, family, husband, my son, and all the other small things, there never seems to be enough time for myself. I feel like I am trying to please everyone and do everything. I have always been this way and although I do know how to say NO and on many occasions I have. That is not really the point, people don't expect me to do for them and they know how I am, if I don't have the time or just don't want to do it, I say NO. But its the things that you NEED to do to keep things running in the household and with your family. Those are the things that I am talking about. Especially the cleaning part. Oh don't get me wrong, my husband does his share but overall I do most of it. We all know that most of our husband when they do it, they don't quite do it the way we do it so we always jump in and take over LOL. I think it is just in our nature to take over.

But every hour on the hour is filled and there is always something that takes up my time during the day. So the weekends I try to squeeze in "my time". Meaning no work, not soaps, no picture taking, limit my computer use and just relax and have some me time. I think we all need to do this or we will just completely burn out, and from my past experiences with my jobs, raising my son, and running a household, I had burned out so bad that I left and moved to another state. LOL I really was at my wits end. I was working as a Regional manager of a womans clothing store in Philadelphia. I pretty much ran it all myself as my boss (the owner) pretty much left the store to me to run. I took care customers, payroll, shopping for the store, hiring, you name it I did it. It was basically my store and I did as I pleased with it. I had full control. Something I always dreamed of having and doing.

I was working very long hours. I was so burned out I couldn't see straight. Now do I miss it, HELL NO. I wouldn't trade my life for that life again ever! But you live and learn and you think all that hard work did pay off but at what price? I got what I wanted, success, a new home, money. I got so burned out that you didn't know how to have a private life anymore. The only day I had off was on a Monday and all I did was sleep. I didn't know my family anymore and all you did was work all the time. When I bought my new home, I couldn't stay in it long enough to enjoy it. What was the point? At what price is all the success and new things bring when you can't be home to enjoy it all. I rather be happy then be successful and miserable but no one said you can't have both, but being successful can have its price. I think it is how you handle it and manage it. My philosophy is, family should always come first, and everything else second.

So in closing, I just want everyone to know that it is ok to have time to yourself. Even if it is for an hour or so. Just to kick back and relax and enjoy life with or without the kids, without work, without any other interuptions. I enjoy my time with my husband as we have such a good time. I love laughing and having fun. And I enjoy spending what little time with my son when I go to visit him. And believe me life is short because before you know it, your kids will be grown and out of the house and its just you and your spouse. Take advantage of what life has to offer. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

Take care

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Honey Oatmeal Scrubs are back

Yes my original Honey Oatmeal Scrubs are back! I was retaking alot of my photos with my new camera. I had to remake a lot of my products just to give them new photos. As I don't keep many of my products around after a certain period of time because I don't use preservatives that much, I have to remake a lot of them just to get them their new photos. Well I finally got around to making a new batch of my Honey Oatmeal Scrub.

This scrub is one of my original scrubs. I love this scrub as it contains a lot of oatmeal. When I first finished this oatmeal scrub it very creamy but over a period of a couple of days, the oatmeal and other ingredients soak up the castile soap that is added leaving it with a very moist scrub. I love it because it leaves you skin feeling so good and you know it is good because it contains all natural ingredients such as:

Ground Oatmeal
Wheat Germ
Vegetable Glycerin
Pure honey
Honey powder,
Apricot seed as a extra exfoliant
Castile soap (which gives the scrub a little wetness and makes it easy to apply with and rub in.
And a Oatmeal, Milk and Honey fragrance that is absolutely one of my best scents. I love the way it smells and just adding a little to this scrub makes it amazing.

This is one of my best scrubs and I wanted to let everyone know tha tis is back on the list of scrubs. Best of all is you can use this everyday and can be applied as a oatmeal mask if left on for a few minutes. It will definitely leave you skin feeling refreshed and cleansed. Stop by our Etsy shop or our website to pick some up for yourself


My New Soap Flopped

Well I attempted to make a new whipped soap the other day and it did not turn out the way I wanted it to. (sighs) But I guess you live and learn. I used some really expensive oils like olive oil which I rarely use because it is the most expensive oil to use. In order for me to use it, I have to buy it in large quantities and it can get pretty costly. So I decided to use this oil in the soap and it did not turn out the way it was suppose to and I am disappointed and hoping by the time it finish curing that is is still usable. My colors all faded after 24 hours and now it is a cream color. ggrrr.

What is whipped soap? Well it is when you whip your solid oils such as the coconut oil and palm oils at room temperature instead of heating it up first. When you whip the solid oils to a whip cream consistency, you then add the rest of the liquid oils. Once that is whipped, you add in your lye and water solution and they you whip that up. The soap is caustic at this point. But I like this method because you don't have to rush to get it to trace and into your mold because it will start to heat up. This method remains at room temperature and you have more time to do what you want with the soap. But I think I missed a step and my colors totally disappeared and the layers were all gone. This particular soap is suppose to be light and will float in water. But this is what happens when you experiment with a new recipe and it happens. This isn't the first batch of soap that wen to the soap gods. LOL. I have a huge box of bad batches that I have no idea what to do with. I don't want to throw them out because they are still soap but they are bad because the colors didn't come out or the additives that were added didn't set right in the soaps. Oh well back to the drawing board.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Big Hit Item!!!

(sorry for the bad picture) Well I think it is safe to say that these deodorant bars are a big hit. I have it set up to where you can just select the fragrance or Essential oil you like. These are NOT premade. I custom make these per order so they will be fresh. I have sold so many of these in the past month I can't keep the containers in stock. Both on the website and on Etsy.

I have nothing but all natural ingredients in my deodorant and when I say "ALL NATURAL" they are all natural. Stop by my Etsy shop or my website for more info on these deodorants.

A healthy skin means a Healthier you :-)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Newly Listed Items

Well since this is the first day of the new year, I thought I would post some new items. Actually I was waiting to get my new camera before I started taking new pictures. I love my new Canon A570 IS. My pictures don't need much editing now and I can kick that old one to the curb. My sensor went bad on my old Canon and Canon was nice enough to fix the bad sensor (which they knew about) free of charge but ever since I got the camera back, my photos have been having this green tint to the photos. So even though they fixed the problem,(my screen was not coming on and it was pitch black), the camera hasn't functioned like it use to, so thought it was time to get rid of it.

Ok so much for that. Well I have a few new fun items listed. The first item is these cute adorable Sponge N Soap cupcakes. These were introduced to a customer of mine from my website who asked me if I could do a custom order for her. These cute little soaps were made for her Wedding shower. Each of her guest were given one of these along with a Thank You card attached when the guest left for the night. I thought it was such a neat idea and decided to make 25 of these for her. These are custom scented already and each color sponge is assigned to a certain scent. I no longer have Pink as I will be getting more Pink and more off white colors. The Pink colors were for my custom order, so I will have some listed soon.

Ok next on the list are the Mens Polo Glycerin Soaps. I will have more mens products available soon. I will keep you posted when they will be listed both on Etsy and on the Website. I currently have a couple of soaps curing as we speak just for men. Mens skin need love too.

Last but not least..Large Loofah Glycerin Soaps. I use to have these before but decided to bring these back after someone mentioned to me about selling them at one point. They really didn't do so well the firs time around so let try it the second time around and see how they go.