Tea Anyone?

Tea tea and more tea. I have always loved a relaxing cup of tea,especially after a long day. Just kick back pour myself a cup and just forget about the day and unwind. I even got my husband drinking more tea now and he is mostly a coffee drinker but he can acknowledge a good cup of brewed tea. Not too sweet but just lightly sweetened. I just recently bought some delicious teas from Etsy. I love drinking tea, especially around this time of the year. I just bought from a lovely Etsy shop called Tea For All Reasons.(love the name ) After I purchased from their shop, I then realized that they are about 20 minutes from me if that. LOL The box arrived in 1 day and nicely packaged and I couldn't wait to dig into my box. I can't believe I was excited over tea. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

I have to say that the tea was delicious. Smooth and very tasty. Didn't really need much sugar just a tad bit was fine but I sat back and enjoyed my tasty tea. I highly recommend trying some of their teas.

This is what I purchased Vanilla Orange Grove Herbal Tea.

A caffeine-free herbal tisane that captures the magnificent flavor of freshly squeezed orange juice softened with creamy notes of Vanilla. The cup is unlike anything you have ever tasted and reminds you of a warm summer afternoon in an orange grove scented with the mysterious aura of Madagascar. Delightful hot or iced.

Herbal Tisanes are not comprised from the Camelia Senesis plant at all, but rather, are made up of fruit, flower petals, herbs, spices, nuts, and other edible ingredients. As such it is naturally decaffeinated.

On my next visit, I want to try Berried Treasure-Rooibos Tea

A rich combination of black currant and raspberry tastes, with bits of pineapple, papaya, mango, strawberries and sunflowers blossoms. A treasure trove of flavors!

Rooibos is actually an herbal (therefore, naturally decaffeinated), harvested from the "red bush" grown in South Africa. This variety has the appearance of tiny red needles that pack a flavorful punch as well as having a reputation for benefiting one's health.

So if you love tea as much as I do. Stop on over to Teas For All Reasons You will not be disappointed.



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