A New Year

It is almost a new year. A new year to start new memories as 2008 will be a past memory. As I look back on the past year, I can say we have been very blessed. A new home, new car, and my husband's new job. It has been a exciting year for us. But many families haven't been so blessed with the loss of their jobs, loss of their homes and the lost of their lives. 2008 had some ups and downs but it sure was a very memorable year. With the gas prices soaring so high that it was unaffordable to most, stock market dipping to its lowest in 2 decades and so many homes went into foreclosures. There were some bright times in 2008 too. This past election. Seeing our countries first Black president get elected was a very historical event. Not only that, but the record amount of people that just came out and voted that day. It didn't matter who you voted for but the fact that so many people did which will make this a very memorable year for me. I have never seen so many lines over the country during that day and it just made me proud to be an American because we have the right to vote where as so many countries do not. We came out and exercised our right on Election day.

Resolutions for the New Year? I don't usually make any because I can never commit to them. I always say "oh I am going to lose weight" or "Oh I am gonna do this and do that" and I never do. Well at least I attempt the weight thing but it only lasts for a little while til I just give up. So I just focused on just eating right and just exercise and not worry so much about losing weight. Maybe if I don't focus on it so much I can lose the weight.

So as the year closes and a New Year begins, new memories will begin to form and I hope that those that had such a bad year in 2008 will find comfort in the new year that we can always start over and begin fresh and new. Sometimes it takes losing everything will make you a much stronger person in the end.

God Bless and have a marvelous New Year.

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