Yes it is my Anniversary. I have been in business now for 3 yrs now and I had opened up my website in November 2005. For some reason it seems longer. My Etsy anniversary was yesterday November 5th. I have been on Etsy for 2 yrs now and at times I wanted to give and close my shop this summer because sales was just so bad. I had to close for almost a month due to us moving into our home and when I reopened in July, sales have really slacked off. But my husband told me to hang in there, things will get better. And it is slowly improving. After thinking about it, I have worked too hard to give it up. I have a tendency to go into other bath and body shops and wonder why I am not selling as well as they are and comparing my sales and products with others and I need to stop doing it because it will just discourage me even more. I just focused on what I can do to improve my sales and my products and not so concerned with the other shops and what they are doing.

So to celebrate these events, Take 15% off your entire order at our website now til Saturday November 9th. SAVE SAVE SAVE. All you need to do is type in "anniversary" in the discount voucher box in the shopping cart and it will automatically deduct your savings.

We also are celebrating our Etsy Anniversary too. You can also save 15% off your entire order minus the shipping cost. Since Etsy is not set up like our website, you will need to put in the message box, "anniversary sale" and wait for me to send you a update Paypal invoice with the correct amount. Thats it! Hope everyone is able to take advantage of the sale and savings.

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