The Holidays

Well Thanksgiving is soon approaching and it is the kick off to the Fall and Winter holidays. I am not really that excited about the holidays anymore. I guess its because it has just been my husband and I. My son has been with us but not in the past couple of holidays. I am so hoping that he can make it this year. I use to love this time of the year, but lately, I am just not feeling it. I was hoping that this year would be a nice one since we will have our first Thanksgiving and Christmas in our new home. We have been in our new home since June 08 and none of our family or friends have come by to visit. My husband keeps telling me to don't worry about it but it just bothers me. He is not much into his family or having friends and feels that his family have never really tried to keep in contact with him so he really doesn't care much.

We even invited people over for Thanksgiving like months ago and we have gotten "Oh we would love to come visit" but just in the past week or so, no one is coming. Some of my relatives I don't even bother asking to come. We just made a weekend trip to New York to visit my husband's family but none of them have attempted to visit us. So it will be just me and my husband this year. I would really love to spend more time with my family but it just seems like my husband's family and my family don't have time for us. I am hoping my son will be able to come visit us this year. He is the only one I can really count on making the effort to come. We do attempt to make an effort to keep in touch with everyone but it takes more then just us to make it work.


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