Whats New? I have three wonderful new soaps that have arrive at our Etsy store and our Website.

First on the list of new soaps

This is our new Honey Comb Cold Process Soap. Smells amazing and great for all vegan lovers. We did not add any honey in this soap although I wanted to add it but decided against it because I wanted it available to vegans. It has great lather and smell amazing.

Next on the list

This is one of my Back to Basics soaps. New Coral Citrus Spice. It is made with Bergamot, Lime, and Patchouli. I wonderful combination of scents in one bar. It is one of the soaps in our line of basic soaps. No fancy colors or swirls just a basic bar loaded with wonderful oils and scents. This also has a great lather and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Last and definitely not least

This is our White Tea Cold Process Soap. It is another of our Back to Basic soap line. Just a basic bar with on fancy smancy colors or swirls. I have decided to do this so our soaps will be made usable by men as well and for the whole family. My husband don't like using soaps that look to girl or scents that are too girly so this is the reason for the Back to Basic soap line.

This White Tea fragrance is great for both men and women can use. White tea is the principal ingredient; used by the Chinese as an elixir of youth and vitality. Notes include: Artemisia Leaves, Ambrette, White Pepper, White Tea, Musk, Woody Amber.

If you are interested in any of these wonderful new soaps, stop on over to my Etsy shop. If you purchase any of these new soaps or any of my soaps, you will receive a 15% off on any of my soaps. Just put in the message box PHS blog discount and just wait for me to send you a revised Paypal invoice. Thats it!

Thanks for stopping by.

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