My Pet Peeves

Ok we all know of something that others do that really annoys the hell out of ya. As I was driving today, I noticed again how slow someone in front of me was driving. I said to myself "why are they driving so slow". Well as soon as I decided that they were going to continue to drive so slow I decided to just pass. Well as I looked over guess what, Yup you guessed it, they were on the cell phone. You have no idea how much this annoys me. I have been in to many close calls while driving because people want to hold conversations on their cell phone while driving. I myself realize how difficult it is to drive and hold a conversation on the phone. It is distracting.

Ok now other pet peeve of mine is when I am in the movie theater. I can't stand when parents bring young kids (not age appropriate) to movies and they sit there and talk through the whole movie. My last vist to the movies, I had to endure kids behind me kicking my chair constantly, talking through the whole movie. I got so fed up that I had to turn around as politely as the kids behind me to please stop kicking my chair. Of course the parents did nothing to stop them. So I had to get up again and say "look I paid money to come to the theater to watch a movie not listen to your conversations and have you kick my chair" so please stop! then I turned to the the mother and said how would you like if I brought my kids the theater and have them kick the back of your chair and see if you like it! They finally stopped. So annoying

Ok another. Don't get me wrong, I know there are a lot of people that have not entered in the the paperless age yet but I hate when I get in line and someone writes a check. OMG I am like Get with the program, who writes checks anymore. NO offense but I stopped writing checks a couple of years ago. I do everything with my debit/check card since it comes right out of my bank account and do all my bills through e bills from my bank. It just ties up the line waiting.

Another pet peeve, people who talk with their mouths open. That is such bad manners. I can't stand that. Another is when certain people think they are right about EVVERYTHING! Grrrr. I know a couple of people that are like that. That is so annoying.

Do you have any pet peeves? If so lets here them I would love to hear some others. I know you have them as we all do.

Leave a comment and tell me what is your pet peeves.

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