More Whipped Soap

Yes it is true! I have another Whipped Soap to add to our growing inventory. I have sold out so many of my other soaps during my soap sale that I am playing catch up. Well I have about 3 batches currently curing at the moment. When I started out making soap I wanted my soaps to be different and unique. I think I have pretty much achieved that I think. Anyway in the past month, my soaps have gotten the much needed exposure it deserves. By running my super sale during the month of August and September, I was able to give my customers to buy my soaps at a really low price and most of the customers were so please to have at least tried my soaps. I have had rave reviews about them and they were so satisfied to have taken advantage of the sale. So I have converted more people in to using more handmade soaps. I think this is a good thing. So I am very pleased about that.

Well next to be added to the Whipped Soap family is my Whipped Mango Sage Soap. Smells heavenly. Someone told me that it looks too good to even use. See that was not my intention to make my soap look edible that no one would use them That is what I was NOT trying to accomplish here. I DO NOT want my soaps to look good enough to eat then no one would buy them. I myself do not like buying soaps that look like food or edible because this would deter me from using them. So I stay away from that. My intentions for my whipped soap to have the whipped light texture not for it to look yummy. Someone today told me that my new whipped soap look too good to use. Ok that made me upset. The sole purpose is to use the soap not to have it sitting on your bathroom sick drawing dust. You get the benefits from using it. Well I was so annoyed by her comment although I know she meant well, I gave her the bar to try it. She later emailed me and told me how wonderful it was to use and the scent was light and not overpowering. She came back and bought the Ultra Violet. So it didn't turn out so bad after all.

So you say you haven't tried our Whipped Cold process soaps yet? and why not? You can stop on over at our website and our Etsy shop for these soap and many other great bath and body products.
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