Glass Pendants!

Ok so I have been making these lately. I just love making them. I started making these lovely glass pendants as gifts. I have given my mom and a few of my friends one. They loved them so much that they have told others and coworkers about them and I haven't stopped making them since. I currently have 10 custom orders for this pendants. My mom wore hers one day during while running her errands and a woman stopped her at the bus stop in Phila and asked where did she get that. She of course told her that her wonderful loving daughter made them. Well not in those exact words but she did give her my email address and she asked me about them Good ole mom. Always backing me up! At first I thought I wasn't that good at making them and so many others are making them that mine will not be any different then what is out there. But people do like them. Now I realize that I can make other things beside soap :-)

Here are some of the pendants I have on sale at Ebay. Shipping is FREE

Powder Puff Blue Pendant

Purple Passion

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