Yes thats right, your photos on any photo websharing site is subject to be used without your permission. I have photobucket but my photos are not to be viewed by the public. This was aired this morning on Good Morning America where peoples personal and professional photos have been used to ad campaigns and other commercial advertisements without your permission. I have a flicker account but I chose not to use it for that same reason. I don't want my personal or professional photos exposed so everyone can view them and possibly take and use and never know it. A woman that was on Good Morning America saw a photo of her dog in the outfit she had posted on her flickr account in a sports magazine. It was obvious that the picture was edit to fit in the ad photo. This was so shocking to see. Not to mention a girl had posted a photo of herself with a friend on her flickr account and someone (if I am not mistaken Virgin Mobile) used that photo of her and edited her friend out of the photo to be used in a ad. I was floored.

If you don't mind having the possibility of your photos being used without your permission then that is fine but risk the chance of it being use without your consent or even being paid for it.

So please be aware that your photos are being viewed by the public and it is subject to be used without you permission.

check out Good Morning America for todays link to the story called "Marketing Your Face Without Your Permission" It is a very interesting to know and be informed about how your pictures are being viewed and used without your permission.


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