Remembering 9/11

What does this day mean to you? No I haven't had a family or a friend lost during this day. No I haven't personally been affected by it. But for those families that have lost love ones and for those that have lost friends, this is the day to remember them. I remember this day like it just happened yesterday. I live near DC and near Dulles Airport and when I hear the planes descending to Dulles Airport I can hear them over my home. I have only lived in this area for a couple of months prior to September 11th. Yes it does make me nervous especially since one of the planes took off from Dulles Airport to hit the Pentagon. So it is a constant reminder. I wasn't much of a flyer before 9/11 actually I haven't flown at all before then. But I finally was able to take a trip to Vegas a couple of times after 9/11 and I must say I was very very nervous about flying. But I got over it eventually.

I have to say that this day will always be a reminder in many of our hearts and minds. Some people think we as Americans should just get over it. Would these people say this if this was someone they knew or loved that was lost on this day? I don't think so. Was this the worst disaster ever recorded in history? No but it does affect us as a nation. Most of us have moved on with our lives and began to pick up the pieces. As my birthday was September 15, 2001, I couldn't help to see that none of these people will ever celebrate a birthday ever again. So now when my birthday comes every year, I am just so thankful that I made it another year. We should be able to remember these people on this day. I will never forget the people that lost their lives and the ones that survived that day and the brave men and women that sacrificed their lives to save them. They will forever live in my heart.


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