New Whipped Soaps Are Finally Here!

Well you don't have to wait much longer. I finally have the ready.

So what is up first. Our Whipped Monkey Farts soap. Everyone has been asking me to make another batch of this wonderful soap and it is now ready. I have been waiting weeks for this soap to cure as this soap take a bit longer to cure as it does not heat up like the traditional cold process soap, so the curing time takes much longer. There is a little more involved in making this soap but I am so glad it is finally ready. I used a bar this morning and oh my the lather is wonderful.

Next up is our new Whipped Ultra Violet. This is scented with a floral scent of violets. Very nice scent that I know you will just absolutely can't stop sniffing. This is made the same way as our Monkey Farts. These are now available at our Etsy shop. We will have both of these wonderful soaps up on our website soon as well. Next up on the list is our Mango Sage Tea Whipped Soap. OH my this is wonderful too.

What will we have coming later this month? Glad you asked. On the curing rake is our Coral Citrus Spice. This is a combination of Bergamot, Lime and Pathouli and colored with a beautiful coral color. Also I just made a White Tea. This is amazing. I love the scent and just had to make a batch of soap from it. We are working on in October Berry Pomergrante, Honey Comb, and Pumpkin Vanilla all will be ready before the holidays.


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