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Well I managed to get one batch of my Whipped Soap done. Have you tried Whipped Soap before? Well here is a sneek peek at one of my finished batches for September. This will not be ready til around the end of this month

This is Mango Sage Tea. This is made with the combination of a unique combination of refreshing leaves of rubbed sage, juicy mango, papaya, and strawberries, with a wonderful base note of freshed brewed white tea leaves. Smells awesome. Sorry for the bad photo, this is not the best lighting at the time. As you can see I only make very small batches as I wish my soap just flew off the shelves like many other soapers but in time they will. I know they are great and others will soon realize this too. This bar will be approx 5.5 oz of whipped soap. It is a very large bar. But as it continues to cure, it will feel much lighter due to the whipping that was done to make the soap. I have to say that it took me quite some time last Sunday to make this soap. I have had problems with our HD receiver and have been trying to make this soap and fix the darn receiver. Well the receiver went bad and we had to wind up calling Dish to have it finally replaced. So no satellite for the next 3-5 days. So this batch took most of the day getting to. Setting up the supplies, oils, hand mixer, and all the things I need to get this made took forever. I have a three story house and going up and down 2 flights of stairs was tiring. I get all the way down stairs and then realized that I forgot a few things like the scale. LOL The oils have to be weighed.

I just found out from the supplier that I got this fragrance from that this may turn the soap tan in color OH NO! This usually happens in Cold process when there is vanilla added to the fragrance. But according to the ingredients, this scent does not have vanilla listed. So I have to wait at least another week to see how this turns out. The color fading using accure around the first or second week of curing. I learned this before when I used Pink Sugar in one of my cold process soaps and the whole batch turned BROWN. I found a wonderful product called a vanilla stabilizer that eliminates the browning in cold process soaps from using fragrance oils that contain vanilla in it. I just wish I knew ahead of time that this may turn brown so I can use the stabilizer in it. Keep your fingers crossed :-)

So do you need to stock up on more soap for you and your family? Any birthdays or anniversaries coming up that you need to find a gift for? Well look no further. If you try our soaps just once, you will definitely be hooked. I still have a large selecting of soaps still available. This is just a sample of what your soaps will look like once they arrive. Nothing fancy and I like to keep it that way. After all its whats in the soap that matters. At least for me it is :-) Check out my website at or at my Etsy shop at You can never have too much soap!

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