What's Coming In The Fall

Spiced Carrot Cake Whipped Soap Available Now!

I have been taking a little break from making soap. I am up to my eyeballs in soap. I recently had a HUGE sale on my website a couple of weeks ago which was very successful. I had a lot of my bars really discounted so I can start to move them out. I will do that again after the holidays so everyone can get in on the deal. If you haven't signed up for my newsletter you can go here

I only send about 1-2 newsletters a month depending on how many sales I have running that month. This is just to let you know upcoming sales, and special promotion codes for discounts for our mailing list customers. Keep in mind orders 65.00 or more is FREE SHIPPING at our website

So what is coming up for us in September. Well first I have to say that my birthday is coming up on the 15th and my husbands is the 8th. Yeah go figure. :-) I have so many family members birthdays in September. I use to dread looking forward to my birthdays after I reached 40 but now that I will be 42, it doesn't bother me anymore. I think I am getting better as I get older. Especially that I still look damn good at 42. So you know I really can't complain. I was really feeling bad when I reached 40 but now knowing that I am healthy and doing my own thing, its not so bad. :-)

I still have a few of these left in stock. Awesome Whipped Huckleberry soap. I just love making the Whipped soaps as they are very light and float on water. At our Esty shop you can buy 1 soap and get the second bar for 1/2 off. (while supplies last). Soap can weigh a lot when you start buying more than 2 bars. We can help save you money if you purchase 4-6 bars of soap, you shipping will be 4.90. I can fit up to 6 bars in a Flat Rate envelope. So this way you can save on shipping. So take advantage of that. We all hate paying high shipping cost to ship our items so this is a great day to not pass up.

All of my whipped soaps are made using the Cold Process method. Not melt and pour.

I am working on a new line of Whipped soaps for September. Everyone has asked me for the Monkey Farts and I will have that available soon. Plus Yummy Rum Raisin, Berry Pomergrante, Mango Sage, Rosemary Lavender w/ essential oil. So those are the ones I will concentrate for the fall. They will be really nice size bars. Just waiting for my oils to come in and I will be busy making new bars. I just can't wait to get the Rum Raisin. One of my favorite scents.

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