Great Etsy Find

What did I find at Etsy that I thought was such a neat idea. Recycled Vinyl records. :-) I know you youngins are like "what are vinyl records" This shop has such awesome stuff that I had to tell you about it.

The shop is called Retired Records What did I find in this shop? Take a look as some of the awesome items I found

Madonna Wine/Beverage Tote Recycled Record Album Cover
Wine/Beverage tote or ReUsable Gift bag

Made from Madonna's first album cover and the sleeve with the lyrics circa 1983. Album cover on front sides and bottom, back is constructed from the album sleeve encased in another transparent album sleeve of wax paper.Strap made from shiny black vinyl recycled belt, measures 30" long and is adjustable.

Tote Measurements are approx. 6 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 3". Large enough to hold two bottles of wine/liquor or four cans of beer.Ideal to take to your favorite BYO restaurant,for a hostess gift or party.

Great gift for a music lover or that cool someone in your life who appreciates recycling.

Check this lovely item out. This is right up my alley for soaps
>Large Soap Dish No. 2- made from Recycled Record Album-Basic Black

New Design for large chunky handmade soaps. Contemporary modern sleek asymmetrical design with a Japanese influence. Looks great in the light, grooves add a subtle texture.

Black soap dish with a slightly curved rectangle top. The curved shelf allows for air to get under the soap to minimize water saturation and sogginess.Measures 6" x 3", mounted on a 3 1/2" curved square base. Both pieces have been riveted together, with 2 silver rivets.All edges have been sanded smooth.

Just Hot!

Retro -GO GREEN- Flower Vintage Wallpaper Cuff recycled vinyl record

Show the world that you recycle with pride, made from 100 percent recycled materials.

Black cuff bracelet made from reclaimed vinyl record, heat shaped and hand sculpted, all edges sanded smooth. Comfortable and lightweight.

Decoupaged with seven different daisy flowers in shades of green and white with small dark brown accents cut from vintage floral 1970's vinyl wallpaper. Flowers have been affixed and sealed with clear coat this is water-resistant.This is not entirely waterproof, don't wear swimming or in the shower.

Measurements:The band is 1 3/4" wide. Total length 10 1/2", Circumference is 2 3/4" across. Will fit small to large sized wrist is fairly flexible and can be worn on wrist or on forearm. Made for left or right arm.

This item is One-of-a-kind.

So when you get the chance stop on over to this lovely shop. There is so much to look at and choose from. This is definitely a Great Esty Find.

Photos and descriptions courtesy of Retired Records


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