800th Sale at Etsy!!!

Oh my how it has taken so long to reach this milestone. All summer it has been so so slow. I am so very happy to have finally reached this point in my shop. I feel like I fell behind and never was able to recover and get back up again. But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

So I want to offer a FREE BAR OF SOAP OF YOUR CHOICE FOR THE 800TH CUSTOMER AT MY ETSY SHOP. Thats right you heard me correctly. This has been a very long and slow summer for me for sales and now that I have finally reached my 800th sale I want to give something back. The economy has been really hard on a lot of people and the recent gas hike has made it even worse. So many foreclosures and people losing their jobs, it has been so tough. But there is always a brighter side of things. I use to always say, "things may seem bleak at the moment but the only way is up again". Sometimes you can't see it at the time when things are bad but there is only way from the bottom and that is up. What would life be like if there was no down side. You wouldn't be able to appreciate the good times if you didn't have the bad times. It makes it so much better to celebrate and not take for granted all the wonderful times. And I have learned that there will always be bad times in your life, its how you deal with it makes it worth living.

Thank you to all my wonderful customers that helped me reach this milestone.



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