We're Back!!!!

Yes we reopened on Monday July 7th and couldn't wait to get started making my products again. The response was so overwhelming. I couldn't believe how many of my customers were waiting for me to return. Thank you for being so patient during my vacation and my move. We are so enjoying our new home. Ok so what do we have new for you. Soap, soap and more soap whohooo. I do have some shampoos and conditioners ready but for some reasons I can't get the right picture to come out the way I wanted to so that has been the hold up with those. I have been a bit anal lately about how my pictures should come out and I want to improve on my picture taking skills as they are really bad. I don't like to use to much in my backgrounds as you can see as I like to keep it really simple and focus more on the products more so what is in the background and simple white works best for me but for these bottles of shampoo and conditioners don't seem to work so I have to figure something out.

Whats new? I have about 6 new soaps that I have been working on for the past month.

Olive Blossom: What can I say about this lovely soap. If you love exotic clean but not flowery scents, then this is for you. This one is so hard to describe--it's so very sophisticated upscale and spa-like. Not floral in a heavy way, not perfumy in an overwhelming way, just one beautiful fragrance. This one has been drawing tons of raves from all over the place.

Blackberry Sage: This is one of my favorites scents too. I bought some incense in this scent and just totally fell in love with the scent that I had to make a soap in this scent. A wonderful blend of blackberry and a hint of sage to compliment this soap.

Whipped Dragons Breathe: This soap didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it as far as the look and feel of of it but thats ok. The colors didn't blend very well but hey they all can't be perfect every time. I was intrigue with this fragrance and thought it had such a unique smell to it. This has a light earthy scent with a hint of spice and a whisper of florals. Just perfect. I will have more whipped soaps coming back that customers have been asking for such as the Whipped Monkey Farts. That was a big hit with the customers. Thank you!

Pure Clean:
If you have tried my Clean fragrance before, then you know this is definitely a winner. I have decided that I will make some soaps with the fragrance that customers raved about and were most requested. So here ya go. This scent combines the fragrance notes of litsea cubeba, orange, sweet lime, pink grapefruit, passion lily, rose geranium, and white musk. Clean Sweet Layer combines the fragrance notes of sweet orange, grapefruit, lime, neroli, and rose to add a sweet feminine layer to the scent while maintaining the soapy, clean essence. A must have!

Chamomile Soap: This soap is just plain ole great. I added a pinch of real chamomile to the soap to give it a extra boost of something good on your skin. This scent has a light aroma of freshly picked chamomile flowers with hints of fresh green herbs.

And last but certainly not least. Back by popular demand

Sage & Citrus: One of my all time best sellers. A Wonderful aroma of top notes of mandarin, tangerine, ruby red grapefruit, and lemon rinds, with base notes of fresh sage leaves. I also added calendula petals to the soap to give it a nice fresh clean look to it and also not bad for your skin either.

You can find these wonderful soaps at our Etsy shop and our website.

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