A New Selling Website for Handmade


I stumbled upon this new website that I hope does as well as Etsy but it is slow getting started because not many people know about it. When I started on Etsy I made a sale within a few days but this website is slightly different then Etsy. You don't have a shop like Etsy which is a drawback you can only list your items and it will show up in a specific category that you selected.

Ok let me tell you more about it.

Listing fees: For now it is in Beta mode and everything is free except for the final fees of 3% of the item.

How long can you list?

Listing fees per item:

30 days = $0.10
60 days = $0.20
120 days = $0.25
Commission fees per item: 3% flat rate

Listing fees apply when an item is listed (or multiple quantities of items are listed) onto Madeitmyself.com. Commission charges take place only when an item is sold.

(e.g. You are selling 20 of the same item, 20 listing charges will apply.)

They also have a feedback system similar to Etsy as well.


All outstanding invoices must be paid within 30 days, for services rendered to our vendors. The MiM invoicing system will send notice of intent of suspension after 14 days. A final notice will be given on the 28th day past due. Any account with a delinquent invoice of 30 or more days past due, will result in being locked, with limited privileges. You will only be able to pay your invoice from your account. After 90 days, any outstanding bill will be moved to collections and the unpaid account will be terminated indefinitely.

What are other features the site has? Glad you asked they also have what you call a E-coupon which is a way of allowing a negotiated item to be sold at the settled, discounted rate between the buyer and the seller. After negotiating a price, you will be given an e-coupon with a unique code for the discounted price. When you go to purchase the item, enter the unique e-coupon pin and voila!

Also there is a Negotiate link for each seller. The negotiations link to allow you to negotiate the original price with a artisan. However, a artisan may not want to negotiate, so we ask you to please respect their art and self worth by not being too bossy about talking them into lowering their price.

So the website is still new and I really do hope it takes off as much as Etsy. The more exposure for the this new selling venue the better so if you made it yourself, come on over to it.

Click on the link to see all my listings Madeitmyself.com


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