Our New Home

We just had our first walk through with our new home!! What is a walk through? Well since we are buying directly from the builder and the home is only 6-8 months old and brand new, the builders get to go through the home with us to see if there is any flaws or anything that may need to be fixed prior to settlement. These things get documented and fixed upon closing date. The day of closing, we get to do another walk through to see if the items that were marked are fixed and taken care of.

Plus during our first walk through, the builders have the chance to show us how things work in the house and about any special features of the home. I have to say we were quite overwhelmed mainly because we have been in the several times prior to the walk through and never realized all the little things we missed. :-)

This is the front full view of the house. It is a 3 level town home in the wonderful area of Bristow VA. So are we excited HELL YES! Between everything that needs to be done there never seems to be enough hours in the day and the weeks are just flying by so quickly. I will be glad we just get settled in. I have to pretty much put my products on hold as I can't devote much time to it at the moment.

This is the front entrance into our home. I just love the wood floors. Very high ceilings and the kitchen area is toward the back first floor.

This home is perfect to fit us. If you lived in our area, you would know that single family homes are extremely expensive in our area since we are in the burbs of DC. Plus a single family home is not what we wanted.This home is more than TWICE the size of what we have now. We both HATE dealing with YARD WORK!!! I really really hate doing it, my husband really hates doing it, and together we both REALLY HATE doing it. LOL. I come to believe that we are the minorities when it comes to the love of maintaining the yard and grass. WE both just can't stand it. So for us having a single family home was definitely out of the question. (I am getting a headache just thinking of cutting grass ) sighs!

I am so happy to know that we have minimal grass to cut and very little plants to attend to.

Thanks for letting me share our new home photos :-)


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