Moving Update!

As most of you know that we have been in the process of buying a new home. I swear if I have to go through this again I will just literally hang myself. The process of buying a new home really takes its toll on you. I mean seriously. Why can't things go as smoothly? Why do they make it so damn complicated? We have a small set back and our closing date which was scheduled for Friday June 27th. We planned on moving on Saturday June 28th but we are still in our old home :-( All packed up and no place to go.

We had to temporarily postpone the closing due to reasons that were not ours. The issues were not with us and we have the money all ready and waiting to go to closing. We had to literally cancel all of the utilities, cable, phone service and moving because of this. Our moving company is so accommodating with us that we will not lose our deposit and they have been so cool about it. I guess this happens and are prepared for it. I have to give props to our moving company Carmack Moving and Storage. Our representative Bryce has been the best and has really been working with us. A big thanks to Bryce Dickenson.

This is so fustrating because we have spent the past 3 weeks preparing for this day and to have it delayed is working my nerves to no end. I swear I feel like I aged 10 yrs going through this process. But I am praying that things work itself out very soon and we can get on with our new home. We had our final walk through on Friday to see if the builder had repaired any of the small things that needed fixing from the first walk through on June 9th. Everything looked fine and the house was perfect.

I am just thankful that our move is not pending upon the sale of our current home or we would be in deep do doo right now. We pray that things get moving along very soon. LOL

UPDATE JUNE 30, 2008

Well it has been finalized and we officially own the house. We closed today! So thankful that this didn't drag on for another week. It was only an extra day so we are very pleased that it is now over and we can move on and into our new home. I want to thank everyone for their support and hope to be back up and running in July when we finally get settled.

Many hugs


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