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Moving Update!

As most of you know that we have been in the process of buying a new home. I swear if I have to go through this again I will just literally hang myself. The process of buying a new home really takes its toll on you. I mean seriously. Why can't things go as smoothly? Why do they make it so damn complicated? We have a small set back and our closing date which was scheduled for Friday June 27th. We planned on moving on Saturday June 28th but we are still in our old home :-( All packed up and no place to go.

We had to temporarily postpone the closing due to reasons that were not ours. The issues were not with us and we have the money all ready and waiting to go to closing. We had to literally cancel all of the utilities, cable, phone service and moving because of this. Our moving company is so accommodating with us that we will not lose our deposit and they have been so cool about it. I guess this happens and are prepared for it. I have to give props to our moving company Carmack Mov…

We Donate

In the past few weeks ago, we have been packing for our move and pretty much going through our home with a fine tooth comb.I have to say it is very time consuming and seeing all the things that we just don't have the need for anymore. I am pretty sure you have the same things in your home too that you just don't realize.

We have thrown away useless items that we feel that is just basically trash. But we have also had mounds of bags full of items and things that we felt that would be good for those that may want them. We donated so much stuff in the past 4 weeks that we could furnish a small apartment. We have donated everything from computer monitors, keyboards, clothing (good clothing), books (a box full), shoes, towels sheets, picture frames and so much more. I have recently seen on one of our local news programs of how so many people were giving to Goodwill really crappy stuff. I mean stuff that no one will ever in a million years want to buy or have in their homes. Sofas t…

Last Week For Soap Sale!!!

Come on over and get your soap fix on!!! Buy one soap get the second for 1/2 off! Plus we combine shipping so shipping will be cheaper. And if you buy 4-6 bars of soap, your shipping will be $4.90!!

All of our soaps are made from scratch using quality oils such as,

coconut oil, palm oils, almond oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, safflower oil, soybean oils, castor oil.

We use only quality fragrance and essential oils in our soaps so you know you will be getting the very best that is out there. Our soaps have great lather and great for your skin.

Stop by my Etsy shop and our Website for you soaps fix today! Our last order will be taken on June 22, 2008 so after that no orders will be taken til July 7th after when we return.

Our New Home

We just had our first walk through with our new home!! What is a walk through? Well since we are buying directly from the builder and the home is only 6-8 months old and brand new, the builders get to go through the home with us to see if there is any flaws or anything that may need to be fixed prior to settlement. These things get documented and fixed upon closing date. The day of closing, we get to do another walk through to see if the items that were marked are fixed and taken care of.

Plus during our first walk through, the builders have the chance to show us how things work in the house and about any special features of the home. I have to say we were quite overwhelmed mainly because we have been in the several times prior to the walk through and never realized all the little things we missed. :-)

This is the front full view of the house. It is a 3 level town home in the wonderful area of Bristow VA. So are we excited HELL YES! Between everything that needs to be done there never …

The Soap Biz Family & Friends

We all have family, friends, co workers that are in our lives everyday. I consider myself a Artist of soapmaking. I take my products and my work very seriously. I have worked so hard over the years to perfect my craft. Learning, reading, trial and error has made me the person I am today. If you were to ask me 10yrs ago would I consider making soap and starting my own online business, I would have thought you were crazy. I was in a high stressful job and didn't see anyway out of it. Now I love doing something I love and no one seems to appreciate all the love and devotion I put into my craft. My husband always pats me on the back and tells me that he is so proud of me and all my accomplishments. I did everything on my own with some help from him because I wanted to do it on my own. I wanted to see what I can actually do. My husband was always available to lend me a hand whenever I needed it. I learned HTML, learned how to create a website, did my shopping cart on my own, learned ho…

New Featured Etsy Seller

I have one word to describe this new Etsy seller, and that is WOW. I ran across this Etsy seller a few months ago and just recently discovered it again.

What is this new seller? Reborn Treasures This shop has the most amazing life like dolls I have ever seen. So precious and adorable and very affordable. They are so life like I can't stop looking at them. You just want to pick them up and cuddle the little darlings.

Lets take a look at some of the little ones at Reborn Treasures.

Details at a glance... painted with genesis heat set paints in many many layers of my own special blend to give his skin depth & realism
... length 20 inches
... brown real eyes
... quarter limbs
... painted on hair & eyebrows
... his nose is opened & backed with dark felt to give it depth
... nails tipped & sealed
... disk jointed cloth body
... filled with poly pellots, sterile blue play sand & fiberfil to a weight of 3 pounds 6 ounces.
... hand applied eyelashes

He is 17 inches long & weig…