What Do People Expect?

I just received a convo from a potential customer from Brazil today asking me about a few product and the shipping cost to ship to Brazil. I kindly sent her a response telling her how much it will cost for these items to be shipped to their country. Well I was basically asked if I can lower the price of the shipping because they thought it was TOO high. I was like "what"? She basically told me that I raised my prices because she is in Brazil. Ok I have NEVER been accused of jacking up my prices to my international buyers. I don't ship to some countries many because of the high shipping cost. I have never been called a liar and I treat all my customer (no matter where they are from) with the same respect and courtesy. I mean come on Brazil is not exactly next door and will cost a little more. This is one of the reasons I do not list other international countries in my Etsy shop because of the high shipping rates, except for Canada which is pretty cheap to ship.

As much as I try to be nice to people it is really hard sometimes especially when someone flat out calls me a liar. I don't like being called a liar and I did not appreciate this person calling me one either. I know that my products will not please everyone and I don't expect them to. I do the best I can to satisfy everyone that I do business with and bend over backwards to satisfy everyone, but there is just no satisfying everyone. I am not a miracle worker and there will be times when something you buy from me you may not like and some things you will like. I myself have bought items that I thought would be nice and turned out to be not what I expected but I don't blame the seller for that. I have even had people complain to me that the scent that THEY chose, they didn't like. And this is my fault. I try to satisfy them but correctly the problem but no matter what I do, there is just no satisfying everyone. I try but I can't. I am the nicest person you will ever meet and I will do any and everything to make sure you (the customer) is pleased with what you bought. That is just the way I do things. I just don't know what people expect sometimes. I don't walk on water.


An update on the customer that called me a liar, well she check the shipping cost for the samples that she wanted sent to Brazil for herself on our USPS shipping website and realized that a 7 oz package of anything (no matter what size or shape it is) cost 6.30 to ship. So I wasn't lying after all and she then sent me a convo apologizing because she thought I was adding extra handling fees to the cost. NOPE WRONG!!! She was flat out wrong
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