Update On The House

Well everything is pretty much finished. We got our mortgage straightened out and we are all set. We have spent the last two weeks trying to decide on which mortgage lender to go with and we needed to get that straight before settlement. So everything is good to go. Now being that our home is only 6 months old and new we have to do a walk through on June 9th where we get to go over the house with a fine tooth comb and check everything. Even if there is a crack here or there they have to fix it because the home is never been occupied so the builder has to fix whatever is wrong with it. Plus we have a 2yr warranty on the little things and a 10 yr warranty on the large things (such as roof, plumbing, electrical etc) so that gives us some peace of mind. So June is right around the corner and I am no where near getting my current home ready. I told my husband that I hope we don't plan on moving again no time soon because I think I aged 5yrs from all the stress. LOL
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